The Xbox Series X Dashboard Just Got A 4K Facelift And More Accessibility Settings

The Xbox October Update has rolled out to all console owners and includes some much-requested features, notably a shiny new 4K presentation for the dashboard on Xbox Series X.

Despite offering crystal-clear 4K gaming, the Xbox Series X’s home screen and menus have so far only displayed in 1080p – not exactly the experience you’d expect for a new $750 powerhouse console. That’s a thing of the past now though, as the new October update overhauls the console’s menus to display in native 4K. That means text, buttons, game art and everything else will now look nice and sharp and crisp.

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Elsewhere, Xbox consoles now have a nifty new Night Mode that allows users to set the brightness of screen elements as well as physical LEDs on the console and controller to reduce distracting bright elements in darkened rooms. Night Mode also includes a blue light filter slider for its display output to help protect your skin eyes further.

The new update also adds a Quick Settings feature, letting users toggle accessibility options straight from the Guide Menu without having to leave their games. You can check out all of the details on the October update here.