secret achievements

June’s Xbox Update Finally Lets You Reveal Secret Achievements

It was under there all along!

Microsoft has revealed the details of its Xbox update for June, and although it doesn’t bring a whole lot with it, it will definitely please the achievement hunters out there.

Starting this month, users will be able to reveal the details of hidden achievements before unlocking them. While this obviously opens up the chance of accidentally seeing spoilers for games, it’s a much-requested feature that PlayStation players have had access to for years and will allow achievement seekers to better understand what they’re aiming for in a new game (should they want to know).

The steps to finding out what’s in a secret achievement are as follows:

From within a game, open the guide and go to Game activity > Achievements. When you see a secret achievement, you can now reveal details like the title, achievement description, and Gamerscore. And after you peek, you can go back and hide it or continue to display the details.

You’ll also be able to reveal achievements from the Xbox mobile apps and PC.