Xbox Elite Core Controller

A Cheaper Xbox Elite Core Controller Has Been Announced

And a new Elite Complete Component Pack

Xbox has announced the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 (Core). The controller will only cost $189.95 AUD instead of the regular $249.95 price tag. The reason for this is that the only thing included in the box is the white Elite controller itself.

Outside of the fact that no components are included in the box (and the controller being white), the controller is identical to the regular Elite Controller Series 2 with a 40 hour battery life, adjustable tension thumbsticks, a wrap-around grip and shorter hair trigger locks.

You can see what is included with each of the Elite Controller Series 2 below:

Xbox Elite Controller Core

If you’re still wanting the different components that are normally included with the Elite controller, you’ll be able to purchase an Xbox Elite Controller Complete component pack for $79.95 AUD which includes the dock, case and a bunch of interchangeable components:

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  • Carrying Case
  • Charging Dock
  • Classic thumbsticks (2)
  • Tall thumbstick (1)
  • Dome thumbstick (1)
  • Cross-shaped D-pad (1)
  • Set of 4 paddles: Medium (2), Mini (2)
  • USB-C cable

Xbox Elite Controller Core

If you’re buying the Core Xbox Elite Controller plus the Complete Component Pack, you’ll be paying $270 as opposed to the $250 you pay for the regular Elite Controller V2, so if you do want the accessories (and don’t want a white controller), make sure you think about that before you purchase.

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Core is available to pre-order now right HERE and will release on September 21st. 

The Xbox Elite Complete Component Pack is available to pre-order for $79.95 HERE.