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A Cheaper Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card Is Coming


After more than two years of Xbox Series X|S players only having a single option when it comes to expanding their console’s storage, it seems like the reign of Seagate is coming to an end.

As reported by The Verge, a new option has been spotted recently via a now-deleted Best Buy product listing, revealing the existence of a Western Digital 1TB expansion card for current-gen Xbox consoles.


According to the original listing the new WD version of the Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card is set to retail for $180 USD (around $270 AUD) which, provided it releases locally without too much mark-up, is a good $80 AUD cheaper than the Seagate equivalent which currently sells here for $349.

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So far we don’t know much else about the WD expansion card, as far as release dates or any other potential capacities are concerned, but we’ll definitely keep you updated when more information arrives. Seagate has expanded its offering since it first launched the 1TB cards in late 2020, with 512GB and 2TB options being made available (if you’ve got a spare $700+ handy for the latter).

By comparison, storage prices for PlayStation 5 owners are coming down every day thanks to the PS5’s non-proprietary M.2 SSD slot, which lets users buy any compatible Gen 4 NVMe that has an appropriate heatsink and slot it into the console’s internals.

Right now, the PS5-compatible Samsung 980 Pro SSD is going for only $250 for a 2TB capacity.