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Xbox Has Disabled Twitter Screenshot Sharing

No longer a Musk-have feature.

In recent days, Xbox players have discovered they’re no longer able to share screenshots directly from their Xbox consoles or the Xbox Game Bar on Windows PCs, with Microsoft confirming via replies to user tweets that it’s had to disable the feature.

It’s widely assumed, though not outright confirmed, that this is a result of the ongoing changes over at Twitter which include a new paywall for companies to access and use the new Twitter API – the interface that allows third parties to access and create data on Twitter directly. It seems that rather than fork out the roughly $62,000 AUD per month that Twitter is asking for, Microsoft opted to instead skip the feature altogether. It’s not clear at this stage whether it will return, and both PlayStation and Nintendo seemingly haven’t dropped it as of yet.

Xbox console users can still upload screenshots from their consoles to other destinations, like OneDrive, or access them via a smartphone and the Xbox mobile app to upload them to Twitter manually – a fact that Xbox has highlighted in the wake of the native feature being disabled. Of course, on PC it’s still as simple as grabbing the captured images directly from their computer’s storage.

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In happier Xbox news, the rest of this month’s Xbox Game Pass line-up was recently revealed, with a couple of great-looking titles still to come this week including Cassette Beasts and The Last Case of Benedict Fox, with Arkane’s exciting-looking open world co-op vampire slaying game, Redfall, set to debut on the service on its launch day of May 2nd – right around the corner.