The Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition Xbox Controller Is As Dark And Moody As My Soul

It's giving me the vapours.

After early details leaked recently, Xbox has officially lifted the lid on its latest limited controller design with the Xbox Wireless Controller – Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition.

Aside from the frustrating regional spelling of “vapour” the controller also features a dynamic, dark and moody swirling pattern that would look great in the bedroom I had as a teenager but would probably get lost very easily if you put it in the ocean. Like some of its other, similar, controllers Xbox says the designs for each one of the Stormcloud Vapor controllers is unique. The back has a rubberised diamond texture on the grips and a navy finish for the backplate and shoulder buttons.

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Anyone who picks one of these up and uses it with their console will also get a matching dynamic background for their Xbox Series X|S console with the same swirling, blue tones. It al looks quite calming, to be honest.

The Xbox Wireless Controller – Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition will be available locally on August 25th for $99.95 and you can pre-order yours right here.