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A New Fallout Controller Design Has Landed On Xbox Design Lab

Thumbs up.

With the Fallout TV series premiering in just over a month, Xbox has revealed that it’s added new Fallout-themed designs to Xbox Design Lab, where fans can customise their own controller with control over everything from the colour of the face buttons and sticks to the triggers, back panel, grips and the front face – now with added Vault Boy!

It’s a pretty striking design too, with a monochrome collage of Vault Boy’s different S.P.E.C.I.A.L. traits along with a pop of colour thanks to the Vault-Tec decal around the Xbox button and the bright blue-and-yellow Vault Boy tucked in on the right-hand prong.

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Take a closer look at the new designs in the promo video below, or head along to Xbox Design Lab to start configuring your own right here.