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Xbox Is Introducing A New Strike System For Player Enforcements

Or, just be nice.

Xbox has unveiled an all-new update to how it manages player enforcements – actions taken against those who display inappropriate behaviours like harassment and bullying. With the introduction of a new “strike” system, it’s providing players with a more systemic and transparent approach to its enforcement outcomes.

Under this new demerit point-like system, every player will be able to receive a total of eight strikes, with strikes being applied alongside enforcements that result in temporary account suspension and in amounts that depend on the severity of the action. For example, the use of profanity or cheating might result in a single strike, working out to a one-day suspension, while hate speech is an automatic three strikes and a resulting three-day suspension. Each strike stays on record for six months, and they stack with increasing suspension lengths, so if you received two strikes for something one week and three the next week, you’d have five strikes total which results in a 14-day suspension.

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The maximum of eight strikes against a player will result in a full year of suspension from Xbox social features like multiplayer, parties and party chat, messaging and more, but not have their account fully banned so as to remain useable for single-player experiences and keep any purchased content – unless in more serious cases such as those involving anything strictly illegal. Players will still be able to appeal enforcements and, if successful, have strikes removed. Everyone will also have access to their enforcement history and strikes, including being able to see current strikes eligible for an appeal, completed and expired enforcements and direct access to Community Standards documentation.

There’s a fancy diagram to make more sense of if all below:

Enforcement Strike Image

You can also read up more on the new Xbox strike enforcement system on the Xbox Wire blog right here.