alien hominid hd

Alien Hominid HD Is Getting A Re-Release This Year

A classic!

The Behemoth, the studio behind some bonafide indie classics like Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theatre, has announced that it’s bringing back the game that arguably started it all – Alien Hominid HD.

Beginning life as a smaller “prototype” flash game on Newgrounds twenty years ago, Alien Hominid eventually made its way to console starting with PS2, Xbox and GameCube in 2004 before continuing to appear on other platforms including a popular Xbox 360 release in 2007 and spawning an iOS port a few years later in 2011.

In that time, The Behemoth has made a name for itself with its other titles, but it’s soon to return to the franchise with a sequel in Alien Hominid Invasion for Xbox, Switch and PC. And now, along with the follow-up, it’s now confirmed that Alien Hominid HD will be getting its re-release alongside Invasion.

There isn’t a release date for either game yet, but they’re still expected to launch later this year and you can wishlist both on Steam right now.

Surprise, Alien Hominid returns! The award-winning 2D side-scroller is back for a new generation of gamers!

Co-launching with Alien Hominid Invasion, Alien Hominid HD will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, and XBOX Series X | S. Alien Hominid HD was THE game that created The Behemoth back in 2003, and we are thrilled for this opportunity to bring our first game back and prevent its disappearance from modern consoles.

The game will be available for purchase on its own or as part of a discounted bundle with Alien Hominid Invasion when they both release. Details on release dates for both titles will be announced soon!