Grounded’s New Update Lets Players Build Their Own Backyards From Scratch

Make It and/or Break It

Developer Obsidian has just dropped easily one of the most exciting updates yet for its pint-sized survival game, Grounded, giving players the tools to create their very own backyards right down to each individual blade of grass and with all of the tools to make their own gameplay content.

Game Director Adam Brennecke spoke to Xbox Wire about the new Playgrounds mode and the exciting potential it unlocks for players to make new and unique Grounded experiences.

“This feature has been on the backlog for a very long time,” Brennecke says. “Giving people the opportunity to extend the lifetime of the games they enjoy is always really cool, which was very important to us. We’ve always wanted to see what the community can make with these tools.”

“We focused on creating a cool narrative experience for 1.0, and continued to add quality of life updates, more variety, and cool features. We got to a point where the [backyard] felt really fleshed out, we were happy with all of the content in-game, and this felt like the next thing to do.”

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The Make It and Break It update launches on November 13th, and you can see an explainer video for the new tools below:

For those wanting to get in early, there’s also an optional public test for the update where players can jump into a test server, try it all out for themselves, and give feedback on the official Discord server. Learn more about that here.

We gave the game an 8.5/10 in our review of the 1.0 release last year, saying “In a genre that’s markedly saturated, Grounded stands tall. Dripping with charm, its unique setting and premise give it ample space to impress players who think they’ve seen it all.”

Grounded is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC and is included in Game Pass subscriptions.