Now You Can Get Official Starfield Bed Covers

If you've got cred sticks to burn.

Already impressed your romantic interest with that high-tech Starfield Chronomark Watch or Starfield Xbox Series X console wrap and hoping to take things to the bedroom while still keeping your fandom for Bethesda’s epic Xbox Series X|S and PC exclusive RPG front-of-mind? Have we got a solution for you!

As highlighted by the folks at Windows Central, Bethesda has launched an official Starfield bedding set, complete with quilt cover and pillow cases featuring the iconic Starfield aesthetic, and it’s available now on the Bethesda Gear Store – if you’re willing to fork out a bit for it.

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At $75-100 USD (around $115-$150 AUD plus some pretty hefty international shipping costs) this is definitely one for the most hardcore Starfield fans, but it does genuinely look rather nice and could probably pass as just a slightly-eccentric bed spread for any non-gamers that happen to grace the walls of your bedroom.

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Still, there are plenty of other ways to show your love for Bethesda’s latest, like that shiny Constellation Edition (which is currently $100 off during Black Friday sales, mind).

The game also recently got its much-awaited Nvidia DLSS-enabling update, as well as a new option to eat food found anywhere in the game with a single button press as opposed to digging through menus. Just don’t eat over your new Starfield bed sheets.