Killer Instinct Is Getting A New Anniversary Edition And Going Free To Play On All Platforms


It’s hard to believe it’s already the 10th anniversary of the Killer Instinct reboot brought to us by Iron Galaxy and Xbox Game Studios for the Xbox One and PC, but here we are and the studio has miraculously continued to support the game a decade later with a brand-new major update packed with gameplay and balance updates along with one major change – it’s now free-to-play in its base version on every platform, along with a new paid Anniversary Edition

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What that means for players is that, with the impending arrival of Update 3.10 bringing the Anniversary Edition to life (at an unannounced date but Iron Galaxy says it’s in final testing), there’ll be a completely free version of the base game available to download that includes single player, local multiplayer and ranked modes along with one free weekly rotating fighter, along with an optional Premium Upgrade that includes all 29 fighters and a bunch of other extras.

There will no longer be individual purchasing of fighters as of these new versions, but if you already own premium content (fighters, skins, accessories, etc) in Killer Instinct for Xbox/PC or Steam, you’ll still have that content unlocked in Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition.

Luckily, the current paid version of the game is heavily discounted on both platforms so you can pick it up now and have access everything when the Anniversary Edition arrives:

KI Base Game, Free to Play: 1 Free Rotating Weekly Fighter (Play Single Player, Local & Ranked Modes!) KI Anniversary Edition, Premium Upgrade: All 29 Fighters with Premium Content Included! VIP Double XP Booster, Specialty Holiday Accessories & More KI Gold: In-Game Currency for Progression Shortcuts ESRB Rated T for Teen, Xbox & PC: KI Base Game, KI Anniversary Edition; Blood, Mild Language, Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes ESRB Rated RP for Rating Pending, Steam: KI Base Game, KI Anniversary Edition

Here’s a bit more on how it will all carry over direct from the Killer Instinct website:

  • The Killer Instinct Base Game will be FREE TO PLAY on all platforms: Xbox consoles (One, Series X|S), Windows PC, and Steam.
    • The free KI base game will feature one free weekly rotating Fighter and Single-Player, Local, and Ranked modes.
  • The Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition ($29.99 USD) will include all 29 Fighters, and all Premium Content ever released: the VIP Double XP Booster, holiday accessories, and more.

In short, we’re upgrading all versions of Killer Instinct to the Anniversary Edition. Here’s what this means for version upgrades:

  • On Xbox consoles and Windows PC:
    • Killer Instinct Definitive Edition will be retired from the store and replaced by Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition. All purchased Definitive Editions will be upgraded to the Anniversary Edition for free.
    • The following Mature-rated content included in KI Definitive Edition will NOT be included in the Anniversary Edition:
      • Definitive Edition App (featuring developer interviews, concept art, Killer Cuts soundtrack)
      • Xbox KI Classic 1 & 2
      • But DON’T WORRY! If you already own Killer Instinct Definitive Edition digitally, you will still be able to download the above content even after the Definitive Edition is retired.
  • On Steam:
    • The current purchase-only Steam version of Killer Instinct will be replaced by Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition. All purchased Steam versions of Killer Instinct will be upgraded to the Anniversary Edition for free.
    • Additionally, the Permanent VIP Double XP Booster and Gargos’ Golden God and Argent Shroud colors will be available on Steam for the first time as part of the Anniversary Edition.

You can watch the full Killer Instinct 10th Anniversary stream below: