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These The Last Of Us Part I PC Glitches Are Sending Us

Joel's never had much luck with drivers...

The Last of Us Part I launched for PC last week, marking the series’ PC debut with a port of the PS5 remake.

Sadly, despite the game still being a bonafide classic and the remake improving on it in almost every way, the PC port developed between Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy has drawn nothing but ire from players since it launched, littered with a plethora of bugs, crashes and major performance issues even on beefier gaming rigs.

You can read our review of The Last of Us Part I on PC right here, but we also wanted to make a bit of lemon meringue out of these lemons and what better way than to celebrate the occasion with a collection of some of the funniest and most horrifying glitches we’ve seen shared to the internet so far?


Take a look at the best, most unfortunate errors we’ve laid eyes on from players on social media to date:

The Best The Last of Us Part I Glitches On PC

One of the first The Last of Us Part I PC oddities that cropped up was this cutscene, in which Joel and Ellie spontaneously become wet mid-conversation.

A lot of the other glitches seemingly feature Ellie’s character model freaking out in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways.

It’s not even always the bugs and errors that can elicit a chuckle – sometimes it’s enough just to see the stark difference in the game’s look on the lowest possible settings. Case in point:

Of course there’s optimism to be had, with Naughty Dog addressing the issues players have been having with the port and promising fixes as early as this week. Hopefully the situation turns around in due time and this gaming masterpiece can enjoy the status it deserves on PC just as much as it does on the PS5.