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Microsoft Could Be Bringing A Mystery Xbox Exclusive To More Platforms This Year

Rush order.

Reports have fired up over a current Microsoft exclusive game being tapped to launch on at least one new platform this year, with the Nate the Hate podcast – known for fairly accurate early video game news breaks – reporting that an “acclaimed” first-party game from one of its studios is breaking free of the Xbox and PC in 2024.

“In the calendar year of 2024, Microsoft will bring one of their more acclaimed first-party releases to a competitor system,” it was claimed on the podcast, with the host adding, “The title I’m referring to was met with high critical acclaim. Fans loved it and it was in the game of the year conversation in the year that it released.”

“When the announcement comes, I think it’s going to be met with a lot of excitement, because this is a quality game.”

Expanding on this, ResetEra users ‘lolilolailo‘ has responded to comments from others suggesting that this could signal a port of Tango Gameworks’ critical darling, Hi-Fi Rush, to the Nintendo Switch (or the Switch successor), suggesting that this is in fact the case. The user has previously and accurately leaked Xbox announcements in the past, adding some weight to the claims.

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Finally, Windows Central’s Jez Corden has also thrown his name in the ring, saying “They say there’s no smoke without fire. I will say that it has been suggested to me from very trusted, proven sources that Microsoft has been exploring bringing some of its back catalog to other platforms, although some of the details remain vague and unconfirmed. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to comment and clarify its position on this stuff.

“Given the track record of lolilolailo, Nate, and my own sourcing on this, I think the rumours will probably pan out into reality — but until things are fully confirmed, remember to take this kind of stuff with a grain of salt.”

If true, it’d be a great move on Microsoft’s part to bring one of its most celebrated titles in recent years to more players than ever.