series s toaster

Now There’s An Official Xbox Series S Toaster

Rye not.

Move over Xbox Series X Fridge, there’s a new appliance in town. Clearly not satisfied with its current share in the home appliance market, Microsoft has added yet another console-shaped product to its line-up with the Xbox Series S Toaster.

The $40 USD toaster not only looks like an Xbox Series S console but will burn an actual Xbox logo into your morning toast, at least before you smother it in butter or bung on a fried egg. It’s also got a bunch of less Xbox-related, more toaster-related features like six levels of browning, removable crumb tray, auto eject and shut off and “extra long slots.”

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Sadly, this one’s not available in Australia at the time of writing but given it actually popped up in French stores earlier last year before making its way to Walmart stores in the US for the holidays there’s always a small sliver of hope that we see it roll out to other regions. We’ll be sure to update with more if it happens.

Xbox Series S Toaster 2 Slice Toaster with Wide Slot, Bagel Function, Digitial Countdown Timer, with 6 Shade Settings