Dead Island 2 Has Surprise Dropped On Xbox Game Pass

But not for PC.

Although it wasn’t mentioned in the most recent Game Pass update for February 2024, an extra game has arrived on the service in the form of last year’s actually-pretty-good Dead Island 2, with the game seemingly being made available to subscribers in the last couple of days and Plaion/Xbox confirming the addition last night.

The game is available now to subscribers on Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate, but unfortunately it seems to only be on console and cloud gaming, so PC Game Pass members miss out for now.

You can find Dead Island 2 on the Xbox Store and get downloading it from here.

James score the game a 6.5/10 in his review last year, saying, “Dead Island 2 stands firmly besides its predecessor as only a marginal improvement. While there something to be recognised in the flexible skill system and satisfying dismemberment effects, Dead Island 2’s lack of objective variety and uninteresting playable characters fall short of its potential. There’s still some fun to be had for zombie fans, just don’t expect a reinvention by any means.”