Palworld Has Reached 25 Million Players In Its First Month

Including 10 million on Xbox!

Palworld continues to be the global sensation that just won’t quit, with developer Pocketpair now celebrating the enormous milestone of 25 million players in the first month of its release.

That figure includes a whopping 15 million sales of the game on Steam, plus 10 million more players accessing the game on Xbox, further bolstering its record as the biggest 3rd party launch on Game Pass to date. Naturally, it still holds the position of the most-played 3rd party day one release via Xbox Cloud Gaming along with the #2 spot for all-time concurrent player peak on Steam at 2,101,867 players.

For a bit of cheeky context, that’s more players than all but the two best-selling Pokémon releases of all time, with Pokémon Sword/Shield having sold 26 million copies as of September 2023 and the original Red/Green/Blue games notching up over 31 million copies. Naturally, they’re vastly different games and Palworld is being propped up by a cheap price on Steam as well as its Xbox Game Pass inclusion, but it’s an impressive comparison.

Xbox previously revealed that it’s working with Pocketpair to help provide support for Xbox versions of the game. It’s providing support to enable dedicated servers as well as engineering resources to help with GPU and memory optimisation, and also speeding up the process to make Palworld updates available for players on Xbox – hopefully helping to give it more parity with the superior Steam version.

Pocketpair also recently unveiled the roadmap for the future of Palworld, which includes a number of highly-requested features for the near and far future, including improvements to key binding and Pal AI coming “ASAP” along with things like PvP, crossplay, new Pals and more coming later down the track.

Our resident survival game expert, Edward, wrote about his impressions of the game, saying, “If you can wrangle a few mates together for some ‘mon-like’ fun, or if you’re just a grizzled old survivalist like I am, I’d absolutely recommend picking up the game on Steam or jumping in via Game Pass to see for yourself if the hype is real. Go on, use HM03 and ride the Palworld wave that’s sweeping the globe.”

You can find Palworld on Steam here or Game Pass here.