ps podcast 20-12-23

The Insomniac Hack Is Absolutely Shocking – The Press Start Podcast

The team talks data breaches, dead games and Death Stranding.


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After being the target of a hacker group earlier last week, the group behind the ransomware attack have published the stolen documents online revealing a ton of information about Insomniac’s upcoming games. Naughty Dog has also revealed they were stopping development on The Last of Us Online and rumours around the PlayStation 5 Pro circulate again. We discuss this, the Death Stranding movie in the works at A24 and more, on the latest episode of Press Start Australia’s weekly video game discussion podcast.

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You can also watch the video version of the podcast below:

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – The Insomniac Hack
13:00 – The Last Of Us Online Cancelled
21:55 – SteelSeries Alias Microphones
22:51 – PlayStation 5 Pro Coming 2024 (Rumours)
28:30 – Who Will Direct the Death Stranding Movie for A24?
32:19 – Do You Still Have Rock Band Guitar Controllers?
35:57 – Should I Play Alan Wake 2’s New Game Plus?
44:30 – Outro