The Biggest Gameplay Improvements In FIFA 21

We recently got to attend a preview event for FIFA 21 which involved key members of the development team running us through various portions of the game, before allowing us to have some hands-on time with it. Today, we’re allowed to talk to you about the new core gameplay improvements.

It’s important to note that these changes are only specific to the current gen version of the game, with specific gameplay changes for the PS5/Xbox Series X versions to come at a later date.


Player attributes are going to be complex than in previous years. In previous years, a through pass would have used the short or long passing attribute to determine quality, but now a through pass will use other attributes such as a combination of short/long passing, vision and composure attributes. This will lead to more variation within players.



In FIFA 20, headers were harder to pull off than they’ve ever been. in FIFA 21, the team has made it more viable to score with headers. There’s the option to have headers be more automated or if you want complete control, you’re able to turn manual headers on, which will allow you to to determine your own power and aim.


FIFA 21 is doing some incredible things with making collisions look a lot more smoother and much more naturally than they have in the past. This takes into account things like running paths and systems to ensure that players can jump over each other and not get tangled up with players on the ground.



Dribbling is fairly different in FIFA 2021. Agile Dribbling will allow the dribbling system to be more explosive, agile and fluid by making you hold the R1/RB button in order to move your player with more quicker, precise movements. You can also make it so it will turn itself on in certain situations automatically.


FIFA 21 introduces more control over how your AI players move. After triggering a run, you can now flick the right stick in any direction in order to get your AI team mate to run in a certain direction. A Directed Pass and Go will allow you to do the same thing, but after you’ve passed a ball. Lastly, you can also lock players running in a certain direction, then move your player where you want them to be, before calling for the pass back. There’s also a Trainer option, so you can see this happening in real time, for when you’re learning.

FIFA 21 Creative Runs


FIFA 21 uses AI technology to make sure that AI players are positioned better both in offense and defense. This is through the use of the new Positioning and Defensive Awareness attributes, which will have an affect on things like when a player is offside/onside, when they cross the ball and take advantage of open space. Only the players with the highest attributes will be able to take advantage of making use of open space.


EA has been listening and has made a number of changes to some of the smaller parts of FIFA 21. They’ve removed the Sush and A-OK celebrations, as the team believed that these lead to toxicity in-game.

The waiting times for set pieces have been brought down which includes 10 seconds for kick off, 12 seconds for a throw-in, 15 seconds for a corner kick and 20 seconds for a free kick. Cutscenes will now auto skip when the ball goes out of play and logic has been reworked to make when the half time/full time siren goes off.

FIFA 21 releases on October 6th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.