Crysis 3 Review

Crysis 3 / Version Played: PS3
EA / Crytek / Playstation 3 – Xbox 360 – PC / February 26th / $99RRP


After the events of Crysis 2, Prophet’s personality stored in Nanosuit assimilates and takes control over Alcatraz body. Joining with Psycho and a team of elite Nanosuit soldiers, he travels around the world looking for the Alpha Ceph from the knowledge he gained about Ceph existence during the events at Lingshan. One by one his team loses interest in the hunt believing that all Ceph are destroyed, until Prophet and Psycho finally traces the Alpha Ceph in Siberia, Russia, only to be disabled by CELL using K-Volts. The story in Crysis 3 was not as strong as the first two games. I felt as if it got in the way of the gameplay quite a bit of the time.


I primarily played the game on PS3 and the graphics were absolutely phenomenal. Unlike most other FPS games, the variety of locations were absolutely stunning. The detail in the forest locations really made me feel as if I was being hunted and this helped create great atmosphere. The detail in the guns also really impressed me. Every gun had its own personality graphically.


I also tried the PC version just to compare graphical differences and the PC version was absolutely unbelievable in terms of graphics. The facial details were absolutely unbelievable and unlike anything else I have seen.


I found the single player of Crysis 3 to be a mixed bag. The prospect of taking charge of the Prophet in his Nanosuit was exciting the me. The Nanosuit has recieved a number of additions which help the game feel unique from other FPS’s. The gunplay was great and felt extremely solid and I felt that the game controlled really well considering how many features the Nanosuit has. I still felt that there were a few things holding the game back in single player. The hunters bow was a great addition to the game and felt incredibly satisfying taking down enemies one by one but I never got many chances to stock up on bows throughout the single player campaign.

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I felt like the markers which guide you through the levels were completely useless for most of the missions. They’d lead you through these huge and luscious levels with the most vague marker. It didn’t tell you whether you needed to go up or down or where to enter into buildings or how to get through gates. The general direction was great, but with the levels being SO big it was really annoying to go to right side of the level only to find out that the door you needed to go through was actually to the left.


The game really shines in Multiplayer for several reasons and this is where you’ll be putting most of your time after you’ve finished the single player campaign. There are 12 maps in multiplayer and they all provide really great variety and requite different tactics to be successful in them.

Hunter in particular was my favorite multiplayer mode. Two players take the role of the hunter whilst the others are the survivors. Your aim as the hunter is to take out the survivors one-by-one in a 2 minute time period. The hunters have permanent Nanosuit cloaking and use the hunter bow. The twist is that whenever a hunter takes out a survivor, the survivor then respawns as a hunter and has to help take out the remaining humans. Hunter mode is easily the best thing about Crysis 3. Playing as the hunter really takes advantage of the and really gives you a sense of empowerment.

Team Deathmatch is also incredibly fun to play. The level variety makes it feel fresh from other games and the Nanosuit really changes things up. All in all, I really like the way that the developers have added their little touches in order to make sure that every single multiplayer mode feels different from any other game.


Crysis 3 aims to be unique and set it self apart from other shooters and we commend Crytek for that that. Whilst some things work and others don’t its still worth checking out just for the amazing futuristic graphics and the incredibly satisfying multiplayer.