Review: Battlefield 4

Battlefield INFO
battlefield story
Battlefield 4 is set in the present, in a war between the Americans, Chinese, and Russians. You follow the squad known as Tombstone as these marines carry out orders to save a VIP and make it home safely. The squad consists of PAC, Irish and you as Recker. You’re stuck behind enemy lines and the only way out is through.

battlefield presentation
Battlefield 4 brings forth a stunning environment with amazing particle physics and unbelievable scenery. From the flora to the huge explosions, everything is improved with the Frostbite 3 engine. The Rapid Changing multiplayer experience with “Levolution” makes everything destructable. This makes every game different really makes you feel as though this is a new map every time. Because of the spectacular graphics and the large amounts of rendering needing to be done it allows a lot of graphical glitches. The main graphical error was un-rendered areas and the occasional pop in and pop out textures. This became rather frustrating when you’re in the middle of a fight and things just disappear.

battlefield 4 screen 1
The sound in this game is spot on, surround sound that immerses you into the battlefield with precision. Allowing you to pinpoint where shots are being fired from all the way to footsteps next to you. This coupled with the stunning graphics helped cut the ties between reality and game and lets you immerse yourself into this world.

battlefield gameplay
Battlefield 4 is a FPS much the same as its ancestors. With present day weapons and constant changing maps it adds a level of excitement never achieved in previous Battlefields or any FPS before. With weapon range, recoil and bullet spread to take into consideration taking down the enemy has never felt so good. The campaign now has a ranking system which requires you to get enough points to get gold for every mission. Points come from killing enemies, getting head shots, destroying vehicles, or even ordering your squad to take someone down. As you venture further and further into the story you find more weapons which are added to your gun crate. Finding all of them is a challenge upon itself, with some of the guns hidden in dark corners of the level you will have to do some exploring. You also have the challenge of finding all the dog tags which are scattered around the world.

This game’s main focus is the multiplayer. With games having as many as 64 players, unbelievably large maps, and constant chaos you can say you’re about to get thrown into the thick of it. With no ranking system to separate the beginners from the advanced you will find that you will have to learn the ropes quickly. Just when you have worked out how to defend yourself against a soldier you will get hit with your second challenge, A TANK. If you thought killing someone before they killed you was tough, you are now facing a metal behemoth with a 40mm cannon aimed straight at you. The worst part is, you don’t have a weapon to face it. You are literally unable to attack it. Your only hope is to run for cover and fast! So you made it into the building you’re safe now. . . NOT!

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battlefield 4 screen 2
With “Levelution” in play that tank has the ability to shoot that wall down and come after you. Let’s head to the roof as tanks can’t climb stairs. Okay you’re on the roof no snipers in sight, no one around, you’re safe. Or are you? What’s that in the distance, that’s right that’s a helicopter armed to the teeth with mini guns and rockets. On the other side is a jet. It’s time to re-spawn. The re-spawn screen allows you to select where you re-spawn and what load out you use. With nearly a hundred weapons and a large amount of gadgets to use you will never find two loadouts the same. Having classes designed for specific tasks you will find yourself filling a particular role in each team. With engineers designed to take care of and control vehicles, Assault ready to take on close combat fighting, Recon to watch over the team and snipe anyone who is not wanted and Support ready to assist your soldiers on the field at all times.

This is just the tip of the ice berg. With every class having a levelling system that unlocks certain features for them and every weapon having its own levels, you will find yourself mastering a class and weapon for most of your battlefield career. Battlefield 4 holds a large array of game types from the classic Conquest and Deathmatch to Rush and vehicle based warfare. All game modes appeal to a particular player equally. From the classic player’s choosing conquest, all the way to the engineers choosing a vehicular based game type. This game is a huge improvement from Battlefield 3 and they fixed a lot of the problems we we’re having with it. The amount of work they put into the multiplayer is astounding. This game is a FPS multiplayer’s dream.

battlefield conclusion
The campaign of this game needs a lot of work. The story never explains why you’re doing what you’re doing. The voice acting is great, the graphics are unbelievable but the bugs and frame rate issues are a major problem. The origin game client is completely unnecessary when it links you to a webpage to start the game and the always online feature means you cannot play the game if you don’t have an internet connection. If your connection lags it creates huge frame rate issues and massive graphical errors.

The multiplayer is spectacular with large unbelievable battles that last a whole game and it will leave you wanting more. With bullet and physics mechanics that shape the battle it has the most amount of realism whilst still remaining a fun and immersive game. A masterpiece that will not cease to amaze.

Battlefield END