Review: Bioshock: Infinite Burial At Sea PT1&2

BS Info
BS Story
Please note: This is the review for both chapters of the Burial at Sea DLC. To get the full benefit of understanding and enjoyment of this downloadable chapter it is highly recommended you complete the main campaign of Bioshock: Infinite first. A decent knowledge of the first Bioshock game wouldn’t hurt either but is not essential.

Burial at Sea is set after the original game and continues the theme of ‘Constants and Variables’ among many other themes explored in the main game. Booker Dewitt has found sanctuary in the underwater city of Rapture, re-establishing his private investigators firm. A client Elizabeth (taking more of a femme fatale role), approaches Booker with a job. Elizabeth is being very vague of the details but divulges she has to find a girl named Sally. The two set out on the eve of 1959, right before the riots that eventually destroy the underwater utopia.

BS Presentation
Irrational Games have taken the Unreal Engine 3 and re-created Rapture from the ground up. Bioshock Infinite was and is a visually amazing game, set amongst the glorious bright lively colours in the open spaces of Columbia; which are then perfectly contrasted by the darker, sombre, confined spaces that make Rapture. Visiting both the cities throughout the episodes comes as a perfectly timed change of pace to the story and a pleasure to be in once again.

BS Screen1
As stunning as Bioshock is visually, the main emphasis of the series has always been the story telling. Utilising the strong, emotive voice talents of Troy Baker as Booker and Courtnee Draper as Elizabeth, combined with Ken Levine’s creative direction; is a masterpiece that culminates in a bitter-sweet yet perfect conclusion to the series and perfect send off for Irrational Games.

BS Gameplay
Burial At Sea arrives in two chapters, adding a few new elements of gameplay to each; the first primarily set in Rapture sees you controlling Booker. Introducing the mechanics of Bioshock: Infinite to Rapture, was a simple and elegant treat. Also being introduced are a set of new vigors/plasmids and a new weapon; the Radar Range. Episode 1 takes a more hostile approach in terms of open conflict and guns blazing in the confined limitations of Rapture.

Concluding in an only natural cliff hanger, the second chapter puts you in control of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is portrayed to be not quite as competent as Booker in the battlefield and in doing so is given a set of weaponry and plasmids that accommodate for her intended play skill. Stealth and evasion is what is suggested for her but ultimately I felt that I could just run and gun most of my adversaries on my review. Although the creations of the Rapture and Columbia segments are crafted wonderfully for stealth play through.