The First Hands-On Reports Of Ken Levine’s Judas Have Arrived And It Sounds Like A Wild Ride

Give it to me now.

Ever since it was officially revealed at The Game Awards 2022, Judas has a quietly but hugely anticipated title for those of us with fond memories of the Ken Levine-led Bioshock games, or weirdo immersive sims in general. Now, almost two years later, we still haven’t seen that much of the game (a new trailer did drop during a PlayStation State of Play earlier this year).

Recently though, a small number of respected games journalists and Geoff Keighley were allowed into the inner sanctum of Ghost Story Games to play a handful of hours of Judas for the first time, with IGN as well as Keighley himself both dropping new content this morning with interviews, gameplay footage and fresh bits of info on what we can expect from “Bioshock in space.”

IGN’s coverage includes a lengthy interview with Levine, which has some interesting insight into what the studio is aiming for with Judas, including its ambitious “narrative LEGO” concept which promises a hugely-reactive scenario where players’ moment-to-moment experience of the game’s story is intelligently built based on their actions (in a handcrafted, AI-free way).

It also reveals that the game will carry a lot of the same broad strokes gameplay ideas as Bioshock as far as things like first-person exploration and wielding powers from your hands, but will also feature pseudo-roguelike elements that go beyond just improving your character with every death but also something that Levine describes by saying, “there’s a bit of game development in the game,” which is super intriguing.

Aside from IGN and Big Geoff, the good folks at Friends Per Second also got their hands on five hours of Judas, sharing their own thoughts and their chat with Levine on YouTube, which you can watch just below:

You can watch Keighley’s video on Judas, which has a mix of him talking at the camera as well as bits of cool-looking gameplay spliced in. Check it out: