Review: Tetrobot and Co

TETROBOT_REVIEW_INFOHEADER_STORY_TETROBOTYou are Physchobot, a uniquely small robot that enters a larger drilling bot to undergo maintenance and repairs. Each different repair is portrayed to the gamer as the puzzle you interact with, repairing circuits, gears and clearing out unnecessary build up of foreign matter is all in the days work for the tiny hard working Physchobot.

HEADER_PRESENTATION_TETROBOTTetrobot and Co boasts an incredibly simple foundation for its 2-D puzzles. Designs are basic but develop their own amazing charm. The stories small segmented pieces are cartoon still images, they looked good, developed the foundations for the story and that was it; no more story additions and do you know what? It was perfect, rather than complicate things they had a simple premise and then let their puzzles walk the walk and talk the talk. One minor grief from the said story segment though; Maya, the creator of the Physcobot is shown creating her masterpiece, welding the bot together with clear safety glasses. No one welds with clear safety glasses, that is why we welders wear welding masks! The argument could be that she was soldering BUT there was a distinct welding crackle.

SCREENSHOT_TETROBOT_0000_Layer 5That small hiccup aside, the game plays presentations are flawless. Tetrobot as a character goes through a range of emotions from confusion when you enter an inaccurate command, pain when you force it into an electric current; even boredom when you don’t enter a command for a period of time. Levels or stages vary with the bot you are working on, a water flooded bot will obviously have you avoiding and working around pools of water for example; the water actually looked extremely refreshing even while inside inside a broken down robot or maybe I was just exceptionally thirsty.

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HEADER_GAMEPLAY_TETROBOTSilly me began the stages of this game tapping buttons on the game pad expecting something to happen; rookie error, Jake! Tetrobot runs solely using the touch pad of the Wii U, which makes it possible for some excellent off T.V gaming if the main television is required by someone else. Directing your bot across a side shuffling grid formation is fluent and easy to master, as you direct your bot into pipes and crevasses for your puzzle solving maintenance  job. Particular blockages found can be transported around to activate switches and even act as a currency for access to locked off segments of levels for collectible disc fragments.

SCREENSHOT_TETROBOT_0002_Layer 3Collecting the broken disc fragments in each level is the key to unlocking further levels in the game as well as a maintenance workbook/schedule that offers fragments of the bots memory for those who want to get more involved that way. However, as I said before, the puzzles themselves do the talking for the game. They are smart, unique and keep you on your robot toes. I didn’t stumble upon any that were ‘rage quit’ hard but had plenty of “Ah-Hah!” moments that made me feel like a complete oaf for not realising the solution sooner.