MSI MAG CH130 X Gaming Chair Review – Classy Comfort

Never one to value appropriate posture or prolonged comfort, I’ve often opted for cheaper solutions for slouching in front of my computer. Hand-me-downs, dining-turned-office chairs, and, most recently, a surprisingly lush tub study chair from those lovely Swedes. Having read that MSI searched for inspiration in race car seats to design their new gaming chair, I was excited to sink in and discover a comfort I’d never thought possible at a desk. 

The first thing I noticed straight out of the box is that assembly, while still pretty simple, isn’t as straightforward as a lot of MSI’s contemporaries, although you’re not forced to break out the tools with the box supplying all you’ll need. After about forty minutes of labour and a scare with a near-stripped bolt, I had the chair together and ready to cradle my carriage. 

I immediately noticed that the game has a real premium, sporty feel to it. The frame and base are heavy, sturdy, and feel as though it’s more than prepared to go the distance. The seat itself is a union of faux leather, which I’ll always have reservations about in terms of longevity, as well as a lush, comfortable velvet that feels super nice to touch. So although I can’t speak to what condition this seat will be in after thousands of work hours, it’s at least super comfortable with plenty of possibilities to adjust it to suit your body type.

A lot of ergonomic consideration was taken in assuring this seat’s shape conforms wonderfully to the human back and spine. It hugs the shoulders for maximum support, while the adjustable lower back and neck cushions can be worked into your posture, creating a level of classy comfort I didn’t expect. I’ve almost had to retrain my brain as I feel compelled to lean forward as I always have, but that feels like a betrayal of the support the MAG CH130 X provides.

Finding the right height, afforded by the chair’s class-four gas lift mechanism, is imperative also. The rears of my legs felt thrashed after using the seat at too high a setting. Once I lowered it, letting my heels touch the ground, everything fell into place. It might be an obvious thing but I’d hate for someone to use it as I did initially out of necessity due to desk height only to limp away from the experience.  

This feature-heavy chair provides a lot of configurative changes for whatever mood you’re in. If you’re burning the midnight oil and the compulsion overcomes you to sleep right there in your chair, this chair supports a pretty considerable recline angle that should give your rest an airplane-like quality. It’s not a feature I’d ever opt for over a bed, but options matter. I particularly love the arm-rests on this chair which absorb the weight or point of your forearms and elbows, depending on how you sit. With a small release latch, you’re able to move them up and down to rest at whatever height you prefer. A similar latch would have been useful on the armrests’ front and back axis as I often found myself adjusting them by accident when using them for leverage to shift my weight. 

All in all, there’s a lot to like about the MAG CH130 X. Despite being a bit of a pill to put together, the build of the chair is precisely where your money is going if you’re looking to buy it. It’s hard to decide which is more premium, the one-piece base or the beautifully contoured seat with its elegant stitching that brings the velvet and faux leather together as one. Though I’ve still got concerns about the faux leather, which is infamous for flaking and tearing over time, I think it’s still an exceptionally well-made and comfortable chair for its price.

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