Thrustmaster T818 Ferrari SF1000 Simulator/T-LCM Pedal Set Review – Feel Every Bump

Immersion beyond belief

I’m more of a casual racing fan, but when the opportunity presented itself to test out a fully kitted out Thrustmaster combo including a T818 base, SF1000 wheel and the T-LCM pedal set.

Technically, this setup is split into three parts and the best part about new Thrustmaster technology is that it’s all future compatible now, thanks to a new quick release system.

Thrustmaster T818 Ferrari SF1000 Simulator

So the base and wheel both have a fast release system that can be used with other parts, so for instance, whilst the T818 base is only compatible with PC, the SF1000 wheel (which we’ll talk about in a bit) is actually compatible with other bases including those that are PlayStation compatible thanks to this universal system.

Connecting it to a PC, it’s fairly easy to get going, although you do really want to make sure that everything is tightened and fastened correctly (without breaking it). You can then test all the functions and make sure it’s all working in Thrustmaster software, and update the firmware quite easily as well.

Thrustmaster T818 Ferrari SF1000 Simulator

The base uses direct drive technology which means that you really feel every single bump in the road. I don’t know how this technology works, but even with the base strapped to a table (and not in a cockpit type setup), you feel like you’re using an extremely high-end drive simulation setup.


Every wall hit, or rock in the road, you will feel through your hands with the base causing the wheel to vibrate and rotate based on what the car is doing. This can easily be turned off with the hit of a button, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and want a relaxing driving situation.

Thrustmaster T818 Ferrari SF1000 Simulator

I’m not a huge car guy. I’ve played a lot of Forza Horizon and have even dabbled in some Gran Turismo in my time, but I could see myself playing a lot more F1 and Forza Motorsport with this type of setup, as it just feels so much more natural and immersive to be driving using a wheel.

Really though, the beautiful part of this package is the SF1000 wheel which is a 1:1 replica from the actual car. It features a 4.3-inch display with 69 items of information that are reflected real-time, 21 LEDs that show your acceleration as well as 25 buttons and 7 encoders to let you quickly control your vehicle.

Thrustmaster T818 Ferrari SF1000 SimulatorThrustmaster T818 Ferrari SF1000 Simulator

On the back there’s magnetic metal push/pull pedals for changing gears or accelerating/braking (if you’re not using pedals) and I just can’t speak highly enough for how much putting your hands on these grips make you feel like you’re in control of a race car. It’s unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced in my house before.

The last part of the package was the T-LCM pedals which are compatible with the PS4/PS5/Xbox as well as PC (where I tested them). If you’re using them with the the T818 package, you plug them into the base for a clean and easy solution, otherwise you can plug them into your console with a USB cord.

Thrustmaster T818 Ferrari SF1000 Simulator

I can’t speak highly enough to the quality of the pedals. They’ve got a great mount of weight so they don’t move if you’re placing them on the floor. The actual pedals have 100% metal material heads which feel super premium and all three pedals can be adjusted individually in terms of height, inclination and spacing.

The mechanical breaks provide real time feedback which is adjustable with a number of springs that are included in the box, so you can adjust to your liking.

All-in-all, if you’re a serious racing sim fan, the entire package of the Thrustmaster Ferrari T818 + SF1000 wheel with the T-LCM Pedal set will absolutely enhance your racing experience and bring a new sense of immersion and tactility that you didn’t even realise was possible in your home.

The Thrustmaster T818 Ferrari SF1000 and T-LCM Pedal Set take the home racing experience to a whole new level. With direct driving providing a sense of immersion that needs to be felt to be believed, this is absolutely one for hardcore racing fans.
Fairly Easy To Connect
High Quality Parts
Direct Driving Takes Immersion To The Next Level
The Screen Is Fantastic For Info Display
Updating A Little Bit Cumbersome
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