inzone h5 headset review

Sony INZONE H5 Wireless Headset Review – A Great Multiplatform Choice

Form and function for a modest price.

While Sony’s INZONE series headphones have been out for some time now in the H3, H7 and H9, there’s always been quite the noticeable gap in price for those wanting a headset that falls somewhere between the accessibility of the H3 and the premium nature of the H7/H9. The H5 seeks to remedy that, offering seamless cross-play functionality and a sleek design for the price of $299 AUD (but regularly found for around $250).

With built-in PS5 compatibility and a flexible PC hub, the INZONE H5 is a mighty attractive option for those in the market for a wireless headset for the aforementioned platforms, delivering on almost everything you could want from a wireless headset.

If you’re looking for an understated yet elegant pair of headphones, then the INZONE H5s might just have you covered. Similar to the other INZONE models, both the black and white variants look super slick in the simplicity of their design. The rounded earcups and headband are unobtrusive to wear and pleasing to the eye, and the microphone is similarly discrete – especially when stowed. The white variant in particular pairs nicely with a PS5, sharing the same distinct black and white colour palette that you just don’t see often in other headset lines.

It’s also damn comfy to use, especially over the course of longer gaming sessions. The countless hours I spent using the headset while playing Persona 3 Reload and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth were made comfortable by the fabric cup padding and cushioned headband, and the adjustability of either cup made for a snug fit. The oval-like shape of the cups kept everything contained quite nicely as well, with enough pressure to keep sound locked in without putting any strain on my head. It’s also remarkably lightweight, clocking it at about 260 grams, which is quite a bit lighter than some of the competition.

inzone h5 headset review

While the H5 works great for both PC and PS5, it excels on the former thanks to the INZONE Hub. It gives you access to a varied feature set, most notable of which is INZONE’s 360 Spatial Sound. While it’s undoubtedly weird to take photographs of your ears, the end result is more than worthwhile if you’re playing on PC. It was remarkably impressive to have a more tailored experience with spatial audio in hearing chittering Fallen creep up from behind me in Destiny 2, or the crunchy impacts of TEKKEN 8’s heated combat. Disappointingly, spatial sound profiles aren’t saved to the headset, so PS5-only players won’t get to reap the benefits of this flagship feature.


The INZONE Hub also allows you to customize your sound profile, equalizer settings, dynamic range control, a bevy of microphone settings and more alongside the aforementioned 360 Spatial Sound features. As a PC headset, the H5 gives you a great degree of control and flexibility in how you customise your audio experience to get the most out of the headset. It’s a shame these also aren’t present on the PS5 given that the Pulse headsets have some degree of this on the console.

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inzone h5 headset review

That isn’t to say the H5s don’t sound great on the PS5, though. A bulk of my time with the headset was spent on console in a few different capacities. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s sweeping soundtrack is made all the more grand by the crisp clarity of the H5s, and Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s world is deepened in the exposure of the more subtle elements of its soundscapes. The audio quality is consistently smooth and detailed regardless of what kind of experience you use them with.

While the quality of the flip-to-mute microphone is nothing to write home about, the AI-based noise reduction does a nice job of mitigating unwanted background audio and singling out your voice. There’s also a surprising level of noise isolation to be found with the earcups which was a pleasant surprise. They also integrate seamlessly with the PS5, allowing you to control game and chat levels through buttons on the headset while also making use of the console’s Tempest 3D Audio. It also handily displays your mute status, and remaining battery life.

inzone h5 headset review

Speaking of which, the H5s last for a good while on a full charge. 28 hours of play is no small number, and I’ve not found once that I’ve had to disconnect for a quick charge. If you do need to plug the H5s in, though, the quick charge feature nets you a healthy three hours of battery life after only 10 minutes of charging, which will no doubt be handy for when juice is running low before an impromptu gaming session. A 3.5 mm audio cable is also included for when all else fails.

The omission of Bluetooth in favour of a USB-A 2.4 GHz dongle is a bit of an odd decision, especially with the PS5 Slim’s lack of a frontal USB-A port. Additionally, the lack of Bluetooth makes the H5s incompatible with the Switch outside of docked mode and other Bluetooth-only devices, and just feels a bit archaic overall. However, the dongle is very fuss-free, and easily switches between platform functionality thanks to a handy little slider on the side of the USB.

inzone h5 headset review
While a stronger value proposition for those who play on PC, the Sony INZONE H5 Wireless Headset offers a sleek design and great audio quality that's a step up from the H3, but not as pricey as the more premium H7 or H9. Seamless console integration and excellent battery life make the H5 an easy pick-up-and-play headset for gamers who play on multiple platforms.
A sleek and comfortable design
Crisp, smooth, and detailed audio quality
PC INZONE Hub Software affords flexibility and customisation
360 Spatial Sound bolsters immersion
Strong battery life and a very handy quick charge feature
Lack of 360 Spatial Sound and other customisation on PS5
Omission of Bluetooth limits compatibility