Rogue Company

We’ve Got 7,000 Nintendo Switch Rogue Company Founder’s Packs To Give Away

Thank to Hi-Res, we’ve got 7,000 Nintendo Switch Rogue Company Founder’s Packs to give away. Each code is valued at $22.95 AUD. The codes below are first come, first served.

Rogue Company is a third-person hero shooter. It’s currently in a closed beta, and these codes will let you into the beta as well as give you the below:

  • Immediate access to the Rogue Company Closed Beta before it becomes Free-To-Play
  • Rare Speed Demon Ronin Outfit
  • Epic Solar Flare Weapon Wrap
  • Epic Superstar Dance Emote
  • Rare Founder Spray
  • Two Extra Playable Rogues: Phantom and Chaac


We have 7,000 codes to giveaway on Nintendo Switch. Codes are to be redeemed on the Nintendo eShop. No details will be captured or retained from filling out the below. You need to type your email in TWICE to confirm it.

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