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Here’s The Cheapest 2TB PS5-Ready SSD We’ve Seen So Far

So cheap!

Amazon Prime Day is here and with it comes an avalanche of gaming and tech bargains, and for those of us still rocking a pittance of storage on their PS5 consoles – a golden opportunity to upgrade.

Following up a now-expired deal on the Corsair MP600 Pro SSD, Amazon has dropped an even bigger banger of a deal with both the tried-and-true Samsung 980 Pro SSD in a 2TB capacity for a ridiculously-good $167 as well as the Silicon Power 2TB SSD for an even cheaper $162.

The only caveat to these is the Samsung option is coming from a US seller and the Silicon Power option is coming from Japan, meaning that while the actual product will be the same it might take a couple of weeks to arrive. A small sacrifice for a huge boost in PS5 storage space!

This deal is also exclusive to Amazon Prime Customers: If you haven’t been a Prime member before, you can get a 30 day trial right now which would easily take you through to the end of the Prime Day 2023 event. 

Amazon Prime Day PS5 Samsung 2TB SSD Deal

Other options

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These SSDs will, of course, add to the internal 825GB PS5 slot and to store and play even more PS5 games by simply installing them in the console’s dedicated free SSD slot. Here’s a quick guide on how to do the very easy install yourself if you need a refresher.

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