New Overwatch Patch Means Mercy Won’t Get Every Play of the Game

Blizzard today pushed out a new patch for Overwatch, bringing balance changes to the new map Eichenwalde and changes to the way play of the game is determined.

Support hero Mercy’s ultimate Resurrect is frequently featured in the end match play of the game in Overwatch, due to its game changing power. As a result however, even subpar Ressurect plays are sometimes featured in the end game video, something Blizzard has now cracked down on.

The payload speed on Eichenwalde has also been increased, due to feedback that the assault portion of the map was overly difficult for the attacking side.

Changes have also been made to the competitive game experience. A new “Match Complete” splash screen will now display after every game, while a new Competitive Tier legend has been added the Competitive Play information screen.

The rest of the patch is made up of bugfixes to various heroes, including an issue with Hanzo which made the wrong arrows appear in his bow.