PlayStation at E3 – Everything You Need To Know

We’re all still reeling after what was a crazy conference from PlayStation this morning. It was mind blowing! Here’s everything you need to know.

God of War – It’s Norse, it’s a reboot, it’s awesome

The most destructive force in Greek history has made a violent return, this time to take out Norse mythology in a game simply titled “God of War”. Introduced with a stunning orchestral performance live in-house by Bear McCreary, the new God of War moves away from Greek mythology (after Kratos practically wiped out all the gods) and sets its sights on Norse mythology instead – something long rumoured after the leaking of concept art on the web.

Days Gone – Sony Bend’s new IP finally revealed with a trailer and gameplay

This was not something we saw coming! Bend have obviously had something in the works but not what we thought. Instead, they showed their new game Days Gone, a zombie apocalypse game starring Sam Witwer. Check out the trailer below!

The Last Guardian – Finally gets a release date

The Last Guardian finally looks clean and polished – and has been announced for October 25, 2016. Of course fans have been burned before, but this time around it seems like dreams will finally become reality.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Got some significant gameplay

Guerrilla has given us an extended look at Horizon: Zero Dawn, the studio’s upcoming action-adventure title. Clocking in at over 8 minutes, this is the deepest we’ve delved into Horizon’s gameplay as of yet as we take a look at traversal, dialogue options and more in this walkthrough.

Detroit – Quantic Dreams’ new game, new footage

Ever the cinematic auteur, David Cage’s studio Quantic Dream have released a brand new cinematic trailer for their up and coming title DETROIT: Become Human. As we’ve come to expect from the developer the footage looks near photorealistic.

Resident Evil Biohazard – It can be played in full in VR

Everyone was crapping themselves during the trailer of the new Resident Evil 7, coming to the PlayStation 4 with full PS VR support.

Trailer below!

We also got a release date of January 24th, 2017. Not only that, a demo is going to be available on PlayStation Plus following the conference.

Infinite Warfare – First space gameplay shown, remaster available first on PS

Call of Duty is going to space in Infinite Warfare and we got our first glimpse of gameplay during PlayStation’s E3 conference, dogfights, skirmishes in zero gravity and all.

We also saw some in-game footage from the remastered Modern Warfare as well as got news that those who pre-purchase on PS4 will get to play the campaign of the remaster 30 days early.


First off, in what must be the most poorly kept secret, Crash Bandicoot will be a playable character in the up and coming Skylanders Imaginators which releases in October.

Then, at a yet to be announced date, it was also revealed that Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped would be getting the remaster treatment and be heading to the Playstation 4.

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens – New trailer

It’s coming out very soon, we knew all about it, but there’s a new humourous trailer anyhow.

PlayStation VR – Batman, Star Wars, FF XV and Farpoint

Playstation VR has a release date (for the United States at least), set to be released on October 15, 2016. After a demonstration for Resident Evil 7, more games were showcased that will be releasing for the unit around or shortly after release. Titles that were demoed to the crowd were:

Farpoint, a sci-fi shooter about space and exploration.

Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing, piloting an X-Wing in space.

Final Fantasy XV with VR capabilities (and of course, ample-busted women)

And a trailer was revealed for Batman: Arkham VR to be developed by Rocksteady. This is set to release in October, suggested to be the same time as the VR unit itself.

Death Stranding – Brand new Kojima Production game

Sony continued to blow everyone’s minds wheeling out Kojima onto stage to not only announce a game, but show an epic cinematic trailer.

The game is called Death Stranding and stars Norman Reedus.

Tonally, it seems to be borrowing some ideas from the now cancelled Silent Hills game demoed with PT.

Spider-Man PS4 – Developed by Insomniac

The rumored Spider-man is coming to PS4 but it’s not being made by who we thought. Instead of Sucker Punch, the game, simply titled Spider-man is being developed by Insomniac, famous for the Spyro and Resistance games.

No word on release date at the moment.

I can’t contain my excitement guys…

What do you make of that huh?

Stay tuned for all the latest E3 news, live from the show floor over on out E3 Hub, or through our live Twitter coverage!