FIFA 18 Is Fuelled By Cristiano Ronaldo As Xbox Loses Another Exclusive

EA overnight revealed FIFA 18, which is “fuelled” by superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Whilst we don’t know too many details about FIFA 18 yet, we do know that it’ll release on September 29th worldwide. It’s also been confirmed that Xbox has lost their marketing deal and subsequently lost their exclusive “Legends” tie-in. The marketing partnership has now gone to PlayStation.

Legends mode is replaced with a brand new “Icons” mode appearing on all platforms. The first icon to be revealed is Brazil’s Ronaldo.

It’s also been revealed that two editions will release alongside the standard version. The Ronald Edition and the Icon Edition will both let you play the game two days before the official release date.


The games’ popular Journey story mode will also return, but not many details were shared about it.

The game will be fully revealed at EA Play this weekend. We’ll be there bringing you all the latest.


  1. Do your home work before written down the wrong country for Ronaldo, lol As for Sony they are buying up all the Markets Deal because everyone will know the game will run real 4k 60fps on the New Xbox later this year and only 1440p on Snoy fake 4K.

    1. Too bad for u there ain’t enough Xbox keyboard warrior such as urself in the real world lolol. People just want to sit back, relax on a couch, casually play some games without caring too much about these Fps nonsense, u know? N where are most of the games? PS4. By the time people might start caring, there’ll already be a PS5. Meh

    2. Brazil’s Ronaldo is the one who played with Zidane on Real Madrid’s galactic team, he won 2002 FIFA world cup…

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