Finally Almost All Of Our Life Is Strange 2 Questions Are Answered

Life is Strange fans rejoice! We finally have a bunch of details about the upcoming second season of the game, including its release date. And it’s soon! The first episode of the game will release September 27th this year, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (on Steam).

Additionally, the trailer below has been released.

Instead of following Max and Chloe, Life is Strange 2 follows two brothers, Sean and Daniel, living a normal Seattle life before a tragic event turns their life upside down. They’re running from the law, attempting to make it to their hometown of Puerto Lobos, Mexico, but encounter many perils on their journey.

Playing as the elder brother, Sean, every decision you make will once again have consequences, as you not only have to look after yourself but also Daniel. Dontnod promise as emotive a story as the first proved to be, and “the highest production values in the game series to date.”

The game will also feature a new power – as opposed to the time reversal powers Max has in the first – but they are so far tight-lipped on what it will involve this time around.

Dontnod add however, that gameplay is just days away, so perhaps we’ll know in no time.