Tips For Playing FIFA 18

Every year, EA makes minor changes to FIFA’s core gameplay. There’s usually enough to make your game change ever so slightly, but this year in my opinion the core gameplay feels more different than in previous years. Every thing is slower, defending is much more tactical, yet attackers and passes are more dangerous than ever.

Here are some tips that you can use in order to try and get a jump on your opponents.


As I’ve already mentioned, it’s much harder to break the defence down in FIFA 18. Turnovers are also a lot more costly as pulling off a defensive move requires much more anticipating and better timing. Passing is much more effective in FIFA 18 than in previous years. Even if there isn’t a visible way forward, keep moving the ball from side to side and backwards until something opens up. It’s much better than going forward and losing the ball.


In previous years, sprinting forward with an attacker has allowed you to easily get through the defensive line but this is no longer the best way forward. Sprinting into the defensive line will often ensure that you lose the ball and quick turnovers are the worst thing for your game in FIFA 18. Save your sprinting for once you’re through the line or for when you need to run onto the ball. There’s no real reason to sprint into the line of defence anymore. Similarly, in defence it’s a bad idea to sprint towards and a player and miss. You should take it slow and focus on timing rather than rushing in and missing.


FIFA 18 has made the slide tackle much more ineffective. It’s much harder to actually connect with the ball and sliding in and missing is much more costly than in previous years. This allows your opponent to get the break in the defensive line that is needed. Slide tackles can still be very effective, but make sure you’re in the perfect positioning and have a backup defender where possible.


Stamina needs to come into play more in FIFA 18 than ever before. A tired defender can completely change the game late. Thankfully, Quick subs literally change the way you play. I’ve never been one for subbing unless it’s extremely late in the game (when I’m down) or going into extra time. Quick subs recommends changes that you should make (based on positioning and stamina) throughout the game at stoppages. You just press R2 to open up the quick sub and x to confirm it. It’s unobtrusive and a great way to utilise substitutions all the way through the game without the worry of trying to figure out when and who to sub.


It’s more important in FIFA 18 than ever before to try and anticipate where the ball is heading and stay in front of it at all times. Turnovers are more important (and hard to execute) in FIFA 18 and cutting out a pass is difficult, but equally satisfying. It’s incredibly important to try and stay in front of the ball as crosses and lobs are incredibly effective in FIFA 18. Leaving players open will lead to a mountain of goals. Similarly, you should try to tackle where the ball is about to be rather than sprint up to a player and miss.


My game plan in previous years has been high pressure and constantly bringing a second defender in but this does not work well at all in FIFA 18. You should avoid constantly sprinting towards the ball but this will create huge gaps. As I just mentioned, you should keep your defender in position as much as possible and only take them out for a loose ball that is within reach.