8 Pokemon We Want To See In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

With the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate coming up in a few months, it’s more than likely that we’ll see at least one or two new Pokemon grace our battlefield.

Here’s a list of which Pokemon from Sun and Moon I think should be added to the roster of fighters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Hopefully we’ll see one of these little guys show up in the Nintendo Direct tonight. 

ALOLAN-RAICHUIs there a more perfect Pokemon to bring into the fray? Fresh off the boat, Alolan Raichu rides into the battlefield on his tail. Think of a King Dedede sized Alolan Raichu, with the ability to float like Princess Peach’s Parasol. Alolan Raichu would be able to give Pikachu a run for its money!

Final Smash: The entire battlefield is covered in a psychic wave, negating the effects of gravity. If you can’t move, Alolan Raichu will find you and kill you.


If Duck Hunt can scurry around on all four around the arena, so can Alolan Ninetails! With the agility of Sheik, and an Ice Ball attack similar to Samus’ Charge Shot, Alolan Ninetails would be a hard competitor to beat.

Final Smash: Alolan Ninetails unleashes a blizzard from the top of the screen, freezing all fighters who come in contact with the heavy snow.


This cute little ball of electricity will be rolling his way around the battlefield. You better not touch him though, because he’ll shock you off the battlefield! It may be small, but it packs a punch. Similar to Jigglypuff’s Rollout, you better make sure you get out of his way when he starts up his engine.

Final Smash: Togedemaru uses “Spiky Shield” to gain an extra layer of armour that makes him untouchable for a short period of time.


The Pokemon equivalent of Little Mac, Pheromosa would be a fast, quick hitting fighting machine. Gracefully flowing across the battlefield, she would be lightning fast in her attacks that would surely leave her opponent stunned. She’ll have a fast jabbing attack similar to Kirby. Good luck escaping that!

Final Smash: Phermosa accepts a Beast Boost and becomes both faster and stronger for a short period of time. Her limbs will also automatically attack anyone who gets too close.


The lovable force of Bewear will be enough to bring any opponent to his knees. He’s similar to Bowser in the weight class, so it’ll be difficult to knock him off. He may be a bit slow, but make sure he doesn’t get too close to you though, because he’ll grab hold and never let go, crushing you to death.

Final Smash: It’s hugging time! A countdown starts, and if Bewear catches you, you’re automatically KO’d!


Skilled in the art of archery and deception, Decidueye has many weapons up his feathers. Hit Left/Right + B and he’ll unleash a set of arrows that break through any defence. His Up + B allows him to vanish into a cloud of feathers and escape the mayhem of battle.

Final Smash: Decidueye wraps himself up in a cloak of shadows and begins to stalk his enemy. When he gets close, he unleashes his Spirit Shackle that captures the enemy and sends them flying.


Imagine facing off against this fiery lizard Pokemon. Equipped with skills of both Poison and Fire type, she’ll Poison Gas you to sleep before knocking you off the arena with her mighty tail. You’ll have trouble attacking her from behind though, as her neutral B move allows her to expel a cloud of fire from her back.

Final Smash: Salazzle calls forth an army of Salandit to attack anything and everything in their path.


A beautiful Pokemon with powerful legs, Tsareena is able to jump higher than the average fighter. She uses both physical strength and special attacks to take an enemy down. Similar to Ike’s Aether move, charge up her B attack and she’ll send her enemies flying with her thunderous kick.

Final Smash: Tsareena releases a powerful Leaf Storm that damages and pushes away any enemy in her path.