Press Start’s GOTY 2018 – #5 Fortnite

Note: We’re acutely aware that Fortnite is, indeed, a game with a 2017 soft-launch into early access, but we decided that given the constantly shifting landscape of Fortnite, the fact it is fundamentally different when compared to this time last year, along with its clear cultural significance, it should be eligible for this year’s consideration. 

Fortnite, whether you like it or not, has become near-synonymous with gaming itself if you’re on the outside looking in. It’s a cultural phenomenon that transcends itself and the medium that has fostered it for its life-cycle so far. Epic has done an amazing job of letting their battle royale darling evolve according to what their devoted fanbase demands, 2018 has been an onslaught of new content, an ever-changing metagame and the game’s emergence as a titan of pop-culture.

It’s everywhere. And though not all coverage is exactly positive, its impact is undeniable. You spot some kid flossing at a shopping centre and try to think of anything other than Fortnite these days. Even with a worthy challenger in Blackout, Fortnite continues to go from strength to strength and shows no sign of slowing into the new year.

Press Start didn’t review Fortnite when it released in early access, and even if we did, it’s grown into a completely different beast since then. You have only to listen to our mostly-weekly podcast, The Start Cast, to hear just how in love with this game most of the team are. It’s more than a hobby, it’s an obsession.

Fortnite on PlayStation 4 averages 78 on Metacritic.

Ewan chose Fortnite in his top ten and said: “The massively popular, free-to-play game has taken the world by storm for good reason. Of course, Fortnite has been monumental in bringing games to the mainstream, but its wider impact can be ignored in considering it amongst the best games of the year; the game’s quality speaks for itself. The combination of a colourful art style, tight gunplay and easy-to-pick-up-hard-to-master building mechanics make it the strongest Battle Royale available. The surprisingly fun PvE mode, ‘Save the World’, is also worth the price of admission. Fortnite has commanded my attention all year long, with regular content updates constantly luring me and my squad online. Epic has not been afraid to shake up the metagame – sometimes to the game’s detriment – but always listen to the community and quickly adjust the game accordingly. The result is a game that always feels fresh and forever fun.

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Jake chose Fortnite in his top ten and said: “Fortnite definitely deserves a spot in a 2018 GOTY! It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate this game (we all know it’s love), but the one thing that can be agreed upon is that Epic has their ear to the ground and is listening to their players, streamers and overall community when it comes to this game. Season after season, Fortnite not only introduces new ways to play but seems to only increase the level of “I need to play this game more!” every single time – which let’s face it, not a lot of games with their DLC have been able to do with such success. For me, it’s a game that has drawn me back day after day and one that I haven’t tired over this year – and can even shamelessly say that I’ve benched some of the single player titles I’ve been dying to play upon their releases in favour of playing more Fortnite. The addiction is real, the struggle is definite and the applause for Fortnite is well deserved. Keep doing what you’re doing Epic!”

Shannon chose Fortnite in his top ten and said: “Fortnite was the game I always went back to when I was between games in 2018. It feels like a vastly different game from even a few months ago let alone a year ago, and it’s a massive feat for a game to not only remain relevant throughout the year but also increase in relevancy and brand awareness. It’s still a fantastic game and considering it’s the only true cross-play game (that’s also free), it was a no-brainer inclusion in my top ten.”

So congratulations to Epic for Fortnite’s continued world domination and for its place on our countdown this year.

Current Top 10:
5. Fortnite
6. Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee
7. Dead Cells
8. A Way Out
9. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
10. Florence