The Last Of Us Part II

Your The Last Of Us Part II Questions Answered

The Last Of Us Part II is finally out later this week. We put the call-out to see what you wanted to know about the game. We know that a lot of people have questions, whether it be in regards to how it compares to the first game, things that have leaked, how brutal the game is and a wide variety of other things. We’ve picked some of the better questions below and answered them below.

The Last of Us Part II is out this Friday. You can find our bargain guide HERE and our review HERE.

@ElevenOHNOES asks: Do you think it’d be worth checking out for someone who doesn’t like the first game?

It really depends on what you didn’t like about the first game. If you thought the combat was lacking and the linear world didn’t offer up enough surprises and variety, you’d be in luck. Though if you weren’t enamoured by the story or themes, then I’d steer clear.

@Reptilescorpio asks: How are the HDR and HDR settings?

It’s no secret that this game looks absolutely phenomenal and it’s made better by HDR. Whether it be the sprawling landscapes with the sun poking through or darker areas of the game where you HDR helps separate the whites of your torch from the blacks of your surroundings. In terms of settings, you’re able to change both brightness and contrast with three reference photos (dark, regular and brighter scenes).

@GreyAussie asks: Do they offer any recap of the first game?

The game’s opening does attempt to retread over a few of The Last of Us’s late-game story beats, yes.

Reece Reid asks: Are the AI in the game smart? Do you feel like you’re being hunted?

Though it isn’t perfect, the A.I. is much improved when compared to the original. This is the first time I’ve actually attempted to pursue the stealthier option because once the wolves descend, they surround quickly.

@Hypno_crab asks: What is the FPS capped at? Is there a performance mode.

30FPS. There is no performance mode.

@Chrismp1993 asks: How loud will my day one PlayStation 4 get?

If my Pro whirs the way it does, I suspect day one consoles to roar like a jet engine. At the end of the day, I hope it doesn’t hurt your experience.

@aronmatisedlol asks: Do you think knowing the leaks ruin the game? It was spoiled on Twitter for me. 

Honestly, I read a spoiler too before I got to play. Accidental, of course. That being said, I don’t think it took away from my enjoyment of the game at all, and depending on what you’ve read or seen, there’s a high chance you’re missing important context. So, I would not let leaks deter you.

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Serhat Tez asks: When is the PlayStation 5 remaster due for release?

I’ll tell you if you can find the jade monkey before the next full moon.

Janai Farn asks: What are the assistance/accessibility modes like:

Though I’m not a position to need assistance like a lot of gamers out there, from all reports Naughty Dog has done a tremendous job at making this game playable for people will all variety of impairments. It only takes seeing Steve Saylor’s reaction as a blind gamer to know they’ve gone to great lengths, and he goes so far as to call it the most accessible game he’s ever seen.  You can find out a bit more about accessibility modes here.

Darrel Reid asks: I get a little freaked out with zombie games? Should I avoid this one?

Look, probably. Though I hate to discourage people from pushing through their fears. To elaborate on the prior question, there are great scan modes that let you send out a ping to locate enemies to potentially protect yourself from the jump scares.

That said, if it’s also a fear of gruesome design and the atmosphere that exacerbates said fear, then this game probably isn’t for you.

Max Brownson asks: Does having Ellie as the main character feel natural or does it feel a little pushed?

It feels as natural a progression as you can get.

Josh Cauchi asks: Compared to the first, are there more emotional beats to the story or less?


Samuel Johnson asks: What difficulty do you recommend?

It’s a cop-out answer but whatever you’re most comfortable with. I played through on Moderate and it provided a suitable challenge for me, though the game has a great customisable difficulty setting. If the enemies are too hard, you can drop them down a rung without having the rest of the game become less of a challenge along with them. It’s fantastic.

Jake Cobb asks: How detailed is the photo mode?

It’s much like the photo modes we’ve seen in other games already.

Ryan Paroz asks: Are the trophies better than the first game? 

By ‘better’ I’m going to presume to a degree that you mean ‘easier’. To which I’ll say yes, it’s a straight-forward platinum.

@FGTRTD4STROKE asks: Is it really as brutal and graphic as they say?

The game’s violence is, indeed, rather confronting and it’s very graphic. There are a lot of gruesome moments I keep thinking back to.

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