Every Nintendo Switch Game Announced In Today’s Indie World Nintendo Direct

While it was a short presentation, a group of indie developers today showed off their latest projects for the Nintendo Switch.

The presentation commentary was honestly a little bit cringe but some of the announcements were tantalising.

Footage isn’t necessarily what was shown tonight, but gives you a good idea of how these games play.

Among Us Is Coming To Nintendo Switch And It’s Out TODAY!

Sounds suss. Except not.

Spelunky and Spelunky 2 Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

The game will be out mid next year. As with the original releases, the first game will support local multiplayer while the second will include local and online multiplayer.

Fisti-Fluffs Is Lets Your Literally Fight As Cats

It’s a 3D brawler where you play as cats duking it out while their owners aren’t home. You can even use household items in battle too. The game supports both local and online mutliplayer.

Very Very Valet Brings Frantic Multiplayer To The World Of Valet Driving

It kind of looks like Overcooked and Moving Out, except with valet driving. It hits in early 2021, is a timed exclusive to Switch, and features both local and online mulitplayer.

Tunche Is A Fast Paced Beat-Em-Up

It features five heroes and beautiful hand-drawn art and drawing on Peruvian culture. It features local co-op, is a timed exclusive on Switch and it’s out in March 2021.

Cyber Shadow Is A Fast-Paced, 8-Bit Ninja Game

It’s a fast-paced, Shinobi-esque action game with over a dozen bosses. Hits January 26th 2021. You can even scan Shovel Knight amiibos to summon familiars as well.

Calico Launches On Nintendo Switch TODAY

Described as a relaxing pastel-coloured community sim, but that goat girl is terrifying.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Is A Wholesome AF Experience

A cute little adventure in which you play as a girl and her grandfather as they try to save the native wildlife in a Mediterranean paradise. It’s out in the Australian autumn next year.


A visual novel game previously on the Vita and announced for Japan in March, each playthrough takes fifteen minutes but each loop opens up more and more to solve the mystery of what Gnosia is. It’s hitting the Switch in early 2021.

Happy Game

I think it’s meant to be ironic, or something. A horror game filled with puzzles and music from Czech alt-rock band DVA. What more could you want really. It hits Switch in the Australian autumn next year.

Super Meat Boy Forever

The difficult twitch platformer returns with new characters, bosses and challenges. Available December 23rd exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Grindstone Is An Epic Puzzle Game That’s Out TODAY!

A new game from Capybara Games, like a Match-3 game on steroids. It features over 200 levels, daily challenges and launches as a console exclusive for Nintendo Switch.

And We Saw A Sizzle Reel Before The Big Among Us Reveal

It features the following games:

  • When The Past Was Around
  • Kosmokrats
  • Hoa
  • Hazek Sky
  • Trash Sailors
  • Finding Paradise

You can view that sizzle reel and the whole presentation below: