Gamescom 2022 australian times

Here’s All The Aussie Times For The Gamescom 2022 Showcases

Catch every show as it happens!

Gamescom 2022 is fast approaching with its return to an in-person event in Cologne, Germany. Australia has been named the official partner country this year and we’ll be heading to the show in Germany to bring you coverage of the exciting games and news directly from the show, but for those playing along at home there are a handful of livestream events for you to get around that’ll showcase new looks at announced games as well as some surprise reveals.

As is usually the case, time zones mean that most of these showcases are happening at incredibly odd hours for us Aussies but at the very least we can present you with a list of what’s on and where to catch it in local times, so here it is:

Opening Night Live

Gamescom kicks off in earnest with one of the 500+ Geoff Keighley-produced live showcases we get every year, Opening Night Live. Keighley claims this year’s show is around two hours long with over 30 games feature including some “cool surprises” so it’s definitely one to at least catch up on, if you’re not keen to get up at ridiculous hours of the morning to watch live.

Wednesday August 24th

  • AEST (Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Canberra) – 04:00am
  • ACST (Adelaide/Darwin) – 03:30am
  • AWST (Perth) – 02:00am

Catch it on Keighley’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

GamesRadar Future Games Show

The Future Games Show is still fairly young, but it’s quickly become a pretty big showcase with plenty of world premieres, stealth drops, developer interviews and exclusive announcements. The Gamescom 2022 edition will star Christopher Judge and Danielle Bisutti (aka Kratos and Freya from God of War) as hosts and feature roughly 50 games from a number of publishing partners.

Thursday August 25th

  • AEST (Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Canberra) – 04:00am
  • ACST (Adelaide/Darwin) – 03:30am
  • AWST (Perth) – 02:00am

Catch it on GamesRadar’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

Xbox Booth Live

Xbox is headed to Gamescom 2022 in a big way with a huge booth presence and a ton of games to showcase from Xbox Game Studio titles like Pentiment, Grounded and Sea of Thieves as well as third-party partner games like A Plague Tale Requiem, Planet of Lana and High on Life. Xbox won’t have a traditional live showcase but will be doing a massive stream at their booth where you can expect to see developer interviews and gameplay.

Thursday August 25th

  • AEST (Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Canberra) – 10:00pm
  • ACST (Adelaide/Darwin) – 09:30pm
  • AWST (Perth) – 08:00pm

Catch it on Xbox’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

Metal: Hellsinger Live at Gamescom

Not exactly a games showcase, but something cool to watch live if you hate sleep – the folks behind the upcoming rhythm-based shooter, Metal: Hellsinger, are putting on a massive metal concert featuring artists from the game’s soundtrack (that you might also recognise from bands like Trivium, Arch Enemy and Refused).

Friday August 26th

  • AEST (Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Canberra) – 03:00am
  • ACST (Adelaide/Darwin) – 02:30am
  • AWST (Perth) – 01:00am

Watch it live here.

Gamescom Awesome Indies

IGN is back with another Awesome Indies show this year. If it’s anything like last year’s it’ll be hugely entertaining in itself on top of showing off an assortment of fantastic upcoming indie titles.

Saturday August 27th

  • AEST (Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Canberra) – 01:30am
  • ACST (Adelaide/Darwin) – 01:00am
  • AWST (Perth) – 11:30pm Friday

Catch it on IGN’s YouTube and Twitch channels.