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ENDLESS Dungeon Is Out This Week So Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On It

More like ENDLESS Fun-geon, amirite??


Lose yourself in a unique blend of roguelite, tactical action, and tower defense set in the award-winning ENDLESS™ Universe and survive alone or with friends, when ENDLESS Dungeon launches on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on October 19th. Pre-order here.

SEGA and Amplitude are finally launching the much-awaited ENDLESS Dungeon this week, expanding on the critically-acclaimed ENDLESS universe with a brand-new and challenging sci-fi dungeon crawling adventure that takes inspiration from a veritable smorgasbord of genres.

Whether you’re familiar with the ENDLESS Universe, or coming to it fresh, there’s a lot of reason to be excited about ENDLESS Dungeon, so let’s explore why this is absolutely one to have on your radar this busy game release season:

A Veritable Genre Hotpot

ENDLESS Dungeon might look like absolute chaos in action, but there’s more to this experience than just blasting baddies from an isometric perspective. Taking flavour inspirations from roguelites, twin-stick shooters, tower defense and a hefty dollop of class-based tactical play it’s a heady and rich gameplay dish that’s sure to satisfy a wide range of gaming palettes. Most importantly, the ENDLESS part of the recipe isn’t just a name – this is a course that’ll kick your arse and keep you coming back for seconds, thirds, thousandths.

The core loop of ENDLESS Dungeon – escorting and defending your Crystal Bot through floors and floors of danger while juggling the rewards behind every closed door with the potential danger of leaving more doors open for monsters – is designed to be played in short bursts or marathon sessions depending on your hunger for punishment.

A Cast Of Colourful Heroes

ENDLESS Dungeon’s cast of playable characters are more than just different configurations of stats and skills, they’re a diverse bunch with their own histories, motivations and hidden secrets. Whether you choose to play as the wild west explosives expert, Blaze, the self-proclaimed “plant whisperer,” Shroom, or the sexy dragon bartender on the hunt for legendary mixological knowledge, Fassie, there’s bound to be a fit for everyone.

Of course, as varied and interesting as their personalities are, it’s their combat and survival expertise that matters, and choosing the right dungeoneer for the job is just as important as picking the cutest one (Fassie). Each possesses a Passive, Special and Ultimate Skill to match their personality and augment your playstyle, so be sure to experiment (with Fassie)!

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No End To The ENDLESS Universe

This isn’t just a gorgeous, modern spiritual successor to 2014’s Dungeon of the ENDLESS, either, but a new chapter in the ongoing universe of ENDLESS. Sure, playing for bragging rights and personal triumph is fun, but you’ll also be delving deeper and deeper into The Station and uncovering its tragic history.

You don’t need to be familiar with the ENDLESS Universe, either. The Station and those within its walls have plenty of their own stories to tell, and you’ll no doubt be making more than a few of your own along the way.

So Many Things To Kill You, So Many Things To Kill With

Let’s not beat around the space-bush here – ENDLESS Dungeon is a game designed to beat you down and then kick you a little afterward, as a treat. If you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll find it here. But challenge and (constant) death doesn’t come without its rewards. With each new run brings the potential for growth both temporary and permanent, further augmenting your chosen hero with upgrades and taking advantage of each time you’re sent back to your centre of operations at The Saloon by restocking, resetting and psyching yourself up for the next go around.

Bring Your Friends Along To Die

Like Dungeon of the ENDLESS before it, this is set to be an experience that’s a ton of fun solo but truly comes alive in a squad, all working together to survive. Teamwork will absolutely be key here, making sure to synergise each of your chosen characters’ unique abilities against the hordes of ferocious enemies, but you’ll also have freedom to explore and scout ahead while your friends hold down the fort.

In a game about crafting carefully-considered plans and then risking it all for the loot, there’s no better feeling that knowing you’ve got mates to back you up – or blame you when it all goes pear-shaped.

ENDLESS Dungeon launches on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on October 19th. Pre-order here.