Rugby League Live 4: Tip Screens

Earlier today we posted the world first Rugby League Live 4 gameplay. Whilst we don’t feel that it showed off all of the brand-new gameplay features, there’s a bunch here that makes this more realistic than ever.

We thought we’d show you the majority of the tip screens to show off most of the new functionality that you’ll be able to perform in both attack and defence.


Some of the more impressive additions:


  • Hold down L2 when approaching the ball carrier and tackle.
  • Controlled movement will compress your defensive line and lower possibility of offloads.


  • Press D-PAD Down to bring up foresight tactics.
  • Select options with D-PAD Left/D-PAD Right to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of players.
  • Players will be highlighted in a gradient of colours from green (best) to red (worst) for the highlighted attribute.
  • Options from left to right are Stamina, Strength, Fitness, Agility, Speed.


  • Interchange using the Touch Pad
  • Highlight the player you wish to substitute with D-PAD Up/D-PAD Down.
  • Highlight the bench player you wish to come on to the field with D-PAD Right and confirm the change with D-PAD Right
  • Substitute field players with low stamina or injuries with a fit player on the bench.
  • Watch for restrictions placed on number of interchanges allowed in a match.



  • Press D-PAD Up to bring up the offensive tactic options.
  • Use D-PAD Left/Right to select the play you wish to use.
  • When selecting a desired play, press D-Pad Up to change immediately.
  • The options from left to right are Crossover, Hit Up, Out The Back, Inside Ball, Kicking play.


  • D-Pad Left/D-Pad Right – Slide defence right or left.
  • D-Pad Down – Drop wingers back/bring wingers up.
  • Utilise tactics to set up your defence.

Rugby League Live 4_20170714134137Rugby League Live 4_20170714133640 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133651 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133709 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133727 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133733 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133808 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133818 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133838 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133849 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133856 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133902 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133911 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133921 Rugby League Live 4_20170714133932 Rugby League Live 4_20170714134013 Rugby League Live 4_20170714134038 Rugby League Live 4_20170714134049 Rugby League Live 4_20170714134058 Rugby League Live 4_20170714134105 Rugby League Live 4_20170714134112 Rugby League Live 4_20170714134125 Rugby League Live 4_20170714134132
Rugby League Live 4_20170714134147


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