World First: Rugby League Live 4 Gameplay

We’ve got our hands on Rugby League Live 4 a few weeks early, so thought we’d show you our first match. Obviously, we had to re-create last year’s Grand Final with the Melbourne Storm taking on the Cronulla Sharks.


We’ll have a lot more on Rugby League Live 4 in the coming days and weeks. It releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Friday, July 28th.

  1. Massive thumbs down. The players faces make it hard to reckonise who is who. Game play is unrealistic and why would you have a pom calling the commentary with Andrew Voss on an Australian sport, pretty sure NRL stands for National Rugby League. Surely the developers could come up with better graphics. I´m definitely going to stick with the fifa games and the frostbite developers, at least they have realistic game play and brillant graphics which make the players, people in the crowd and the referees look realistic.

  2. Pros
    -No Gus Gould!!

    -Gameplay looks identical to RLL3
    -Graphics seem to have taken a step back & almost look cartoon-esk.

    I was really, really looking forward to this to see if Big Ant took the concept to the next level… But it seems it sadly hasn’t.. ?

  3. wow you guys are a negetive bunch…
    ok…first time i watched thort hmmm loks a bit to much like rl3..but secend time i realised it has a lot of inprovements …runs smooth..kicking looks alot better..knock ons…little bit better comintating..everything is lot better..the big thing that anoyed me with rrl3 was after a good kick (if you got one that is)the fullback would be on steroids and grab the ball and nelly run straight back to were you kicked it from..none of that ..YES ..:) the only thing i could was the camra was to far but im sure theres better

    1. they really are a negative bunch. they just have to wait and see if rugby league live 4 is such a great game. I believe that big ant have really moved forward with AI and realism in this game! Definetly gonna purchase this one!

  4. Could of incorporated set play options. I think earlier editions of Jona Lomu Rugby used it.

  5. Recycled commentary is inexcusable if they want to charge top dollar, also passing is very unrealistic and looks awkward. Storm on the attack and they throw a 40m pass out to a winger who is standing still. Hard to see any real improvement on rll3

  6. Yeah I love the RLL games but it doesn’t really look any different to RLL3. Are there any new features or anything new they have brought into the game? Is there any major differences because from that video the gameplay looks the same. The only difference I could see was the gameplay looked abit faster and the goal kicking has changed.

  7. looks pretty average from that vision… might be due to the player lacking the skills, but I really couldn’t see much more than a minor cosmetic difference with RLL3

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