The Best Recipes In Pokémon Legends: Arceus and How to Unlock Them

Because everything is quite expensive at the Jubilife Village shop and you’ll want to save your money for bag upgrades and other goods, you’ll absolutely want to make the most of crafting while exploring Hisui. You can craft whilst in Jubilife, and out in the field, with the limitation of only being able to craft with ingredients in your bag. It’s worth mentioning that a few of these side quests are gated behind main story progression, so always keep an eye out for new Requests as they pop up. Unlike Breath of the Wild, you need to own the recipe to craft all of these items, there’s no way to discover them by yourself by combining ingredients. Without waiting any further, here are the best recipes in Pokemon Legends: Arceus and how to unlock them.

Poké Ball Recipes

As catching is one of the things you’ll be doing most in Arceus, keeping a strong supply of all kinds of Poké Balls is an important aspect of filling out your Dex and completing Research Tasks. While you start the game with a few recipes for things like the standard Poké Ball, it’s important you have the ability to craft more efficient Poké Balls for harder to catch Pokémon. Luckily, these recipes are earned as you play, with each increase in Star Ranking making even more Poké Ball recipes available to you. It’s worth mentioning that all Poké Ball recipes require Apricorns, so make sure you regularly harvest them from trees when out in the field.

Ingredients – Apricorns and other ingredients depending on Ball type

Revive Recipe

Having Pokémon faint was a common occurrence for us in Arceus, especially during the early hours of the game. Buying revives from the shop is expensive, so having the crafting recipe is handy to keep your supply topped up. To unlock the recipe for Revives, acquire your first star as a Team Galactic Corps Member by completing Research Tasks, and Cyllene will automatically give the recipe to you.

Ingredients – 1x Vivichoke, 2x Medicinal Leek

Mushroom Cake Recipe

Dragon type Pokémon have always been considered some of the best options for any given team composition, and this still holds true in Arceus. Mushroom Cakes work as a lure for strong Pokémon, and dragon type Pokémon, making them an incredibly handy early game tool to get a head start on obtaining a coveted dragon type for your party. To unlock this recipe, complete Request no. 6 – Mushroom Cake Marketing – for villager Morel by delivering him Springy Mushrooms from the Obsidian Fieldlands.

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Ingredients – 1x Springy Mushroom, 1x Cake-Lure Base

Pokéshi Doll Recipe

Because the Jubilife Village store is so expensive, and upgrading your bag’s slot capacity isn’t cheap, we often found ourselves running out of money. While you can make plenty by completing Research Tasks and selling valuables you find on any given expedition, Pokéshi Dolls can be crafted for only 3 Logs, and then sold on to the store for a bit of money. To unlock this recipe, accept Request no. 18 – Please! Make Me a Pokéshi Doll! – for Anvin. Anvin himself will give you the recipe, and completing the request nets you an extra doll to sell.

Ingredients – 3x Wood

Aux Item Recipes

Aux items are invaluable battle items that boost the level of certain stats for the duration of the current battle. Because of this, they’re handy for certain trainer fights, encounters with Alpha Pokémon, and countless other scenarios you’ll engage with. Aux items are found few and far between, so having the ability to craft them is a huge advantage in all aspects of the game. You can purchase the crafting recipes for each of the Aux items from the Crafting Store in Jubilife Village.

Ingredients – 1x Candy Truffle, 2x Doppel Bonnets for Aux Evasion

2x Iron Barktongue for Aux Guard

2x Swordcap for for Aux Power

1x King’s Leaf for Aux Powerguard

Star Piece Recipe

As you close in on the late-game and post-game activities, you might find that Pokéshi Dolls don’t quite bring in enough income to make up for all the crafting recipes and bag upgrades you want to buy. This is where the ability to craft Star Pieces comes in handy, selling for much more money than Pokéshi Dolls do. The recipe for Star Pieces can be bought from the Crafting Store in Jubilife Village, but be weary, the materials required are only common in Space-Time Distortions, so these aren’t the best option for early game money farming.

Ingredients – 1x Stardust, 3x Red Shard, 3x Green Shard, 3x Blue Shard