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How To Farm Rupees Early In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Get rupee rich!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a big game, with lots of stuff to see, do and find. More than ever before, players have a ton of freedom in how they approach each situation using Link’s impressive new abilities along with the items, materials and gear they find out in the world.

Eventually though, you’re going to want to spend a bit of money. Whether to acquire a shiny new outfit, stocks of essentials like arrows or just to stash for a rainy day, rupees make Hyrule go ’round. You’ll come into an okay amount of rupees over the course of your adventures, but if you’re looking for ways to get rich quick, there are a couple that players have already identified as early and easily-accessible methods.

How To Make Rupees Fast In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Primary Methods

Before we get into any big-time scheming, it’s helpful to have some quick rupee-making tips in your back pocket so that you’re maximising opportunities when you’re out adventuring. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Do side quests. While some are more lucrative than others, side quests and challenges that you spot in your travels will often have a monetary reward. Helping Fera out by reporting on the locations of wells, or assisting Addison in propping up President Hudson signs will net you a pittance but it all adds up.
  • Shoot Blupees. Yes, they’re cute-looking, but Blupees spit out money when hit. If they didn’t want to be shot at with arrows, they wouldn’t do that. They’re easily spooked but if you do a jumping shot to slow down time you can usually get a few shots at them before they run off.
  • Hoard stuff. Pick up everything in arms reach, all the time. Fruit, wood, meat, whatever it is, you’re either going to use it later or stockpile enough to make a tidy profit at merchants around Hyrule. Glowing rock deposits that you find in caves can be especially lucrative if you smash them with a rock-fused weapon and take whatever pops out.
  • Cook, sell, repeat. In addition to the above, the more food ingredients you hoard, the more meals you can prepare and sell for a profit. Even the fairly basic Simmered Fruit recipe, when made with five of any fruit, nets a decent enough sum at 27 rupees (more on that below).

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The Butcher of Hyrule

(Slight, early-game location/quest spoilers below)

One early area that’s rich in a particular resource for money-making is around the Hebra region, near the location of the “first” major dungeon/temple that the game gently nudges you towards. That resource? Meat.

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You’ll have to complete questline here and assist the Rito to rid the area of a major blizzard before you start to see the area populated with meaty animals, but once you do you should start to see Moose hanging around the fields surrounding Rito Village near near the Lucky Clover Gazette.

Slaughtering (sorry) these moose will earn you Gourmet Meat and Prime Meat, which can be cooked into skewers and sold for fairly hefty sums. Five gourmet meat on a skewer goes for 315 rupees while five prime meat will get you 135 rupees. You can hunt the old-school way with bow and arrow or get as inventive as your stomach will allow with other tools of moose destruction.

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Fruit Salad, Money Money

If wanton slaughter of Hyrulian fauna goes against your sensibilities, another tried and trusted method that works similarly is to find a particular Shrine near Satori Mountain, due West and slightly South of Lookout Landing (coordinates around -1921, -0357, 0228).

Here, there’s an absolute abundance of apple trees crowded around the shrine. Enough for you to pick upwards of 100 apples within minutes, including a good number of the more valuable Golden Apples. You will have to contend with some tree enemies attempting to ambush you but they’re incredibly easy to deal with using any kind of axe weapon.

Once you’ve amassed a stockpile of apples you can go ahead and start cooking them five-at-a-time into Simmered Fruit, which will sell for 27 rupees a pop. Golden Apples, while useful on their own as ingredients, will also sell for 8 rupees apiece if you end up amassing quite a lot of them over time. Doing this, each visit to the trees around the Sonapan Shrine (when they replenish) can net you 700-800 rupees for a few minutes work.

Due credit to u/Flonkers and a since-deleted user on Reddit for originally flagging these farming spots.

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