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How To Unlock Fast Travel In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Give those swingin' arms a rest.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gives players unprecedented freedom to swing – and glide with the addition of the new Web Wings – around New York City with ease and speed, meaning for the most part you’ll have a heap of fun getting where you need to go.

For those moments where you just can’t be bothered with the commute though, the game naturally offers a handy fast travel system. It’s something the studio has been quick to talk about given it’s impressively fast, offering a near-instant transition to absolutely anywhere on the map. What players might not realise when they first get into the game though is that the criteria for unlocking fast travel around the map is slightly different to the previous Marvel’s Spider-Man games.

Whereas the first game would require players to play through enough of the game and then start finding specific locations to unlock as fast travel points, and Miles Morales eventually gave players access to a subway system with a handful of stations to zip to, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 changes things up significantly.

Firstly, you’re not restricted to travelling to specific points on the map – you can literally pick any spot on the map and hold down the Triangle button, at which point you’ll be thrown swinging or gliding straight back into the game at that location.

This also means there aren’t set landmarks or stations to unlock, so instead the game ties fast travel to your district completion. Each district has its own metre to fill that shows how many of its side activities or diversions you’ve completed, with a number of rewards for filling it to certain points. The second one of these rewards is always the fast travel unlock, meaning you don’t have to do too much to open it up. The only restriction comes with your overall game progress, where some districts won’t have enough side content available to complete from the beginning of the game, meaning you may have to progress the main story somewhat to be able to unlock fast travel in all of the districts.

Either way, despite being incredibly impressive on a technical level, fast travel pales in comparison to the simple joys of swinging around city streets or catching mean air in wind tunnels using the Web Wings. Enjoy the ride!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available now for PS5. You can read our review right here, and pick up the game from Amazon for $99 with free shipping.