The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered: Where To Find Every Coin

States of Play.

The below guide has been repurposed from our original guide content for The Last of Us Part II and contains images from the PS4 version of the game. Everything contained with in will still apply to The Last of Us Part II Remastered on PS5. Please note that there are spoilers below for anyone yet to play the game.

After the midway pivot-point, the player will take over as Abby to relive the three harrowing days in Seattle from her perspective. It’s narrative dynamite, plus it offered Naughty Dog the chance to mix up the collectibles a bit. The first half of the game had Ellie finding scattered trading cards with superheroes ironed on, Abby’s is a more refined taste. 

Abby has been working on a coin collection and her levels have small, hard to spot coins with American states pressed on them. So we’re here to hopefully help out and provide a little insight into where to find them. 

If you’d prefer to try your best at finding these or any other collectibles before coming here as a last resort, we’d highly recommend replaying chapters with use of the game’s optional Enhanced Listening Mode and/or High Contrast accessibility settings to make it easier on yourself.


Click on any of the chapters below to see the list of cards, and click a card to be taken straight to its spot in the guide.

› Tracking Lesson
› The Stadium
› On Foot
› The Forward Base
› Hostile Territory
› The Coast
› The Shortcut
› The Descent
› Ground Zero
› The Marina
› The Island
› The Escape

Tracking Lesson


This particular coin introduces the collectible to the player and, as such, is unmissable. After exiting the forest and finding the first signs of civilisation, you’ll have to break and climb through a bathroom window to proceed. Turn to your right after you land, and you’ll spot a coin on the tine-pocket of the dumpster.

The Stadium


After collecting your pack and leaving your corporate box-turned bedroom, take a left and find the coin on the ground.


Before following Mel and Manny down the stands to continue the ‘baby talk’, push past the stairwell to find this coin on a bench.

New Jersey

As you follow Mel and Manny from the field, you’ll go past a relax guard and a memorial wall for fallen Wolves. The coin is on the ground just in front of the mural.


After checking out your guns, truck, and trouncing Manny in the firing range, you’re meant to follow your team to the right around the bend and leave. Though, if you turn left you’ll find a coin nestled in a head-high shelf of a metal cabinet.

On Foot


At the very start of the chapter, in the dark warehouse, stray slightly from following Manny through the racking and you’ll find this coin on a card table.


As soon as you enter the greenhouse, head for the rear left corner and find another coin on a desk.


You’ll encounter a puzzle into the boat repair yard that requires you to balance the ladder on the side of the boat to bridge the gap. Before doing this, lean on the wall next to the door that Mel opens for you to find a table with plenty of supplements and a coin.


After escaping the boat repair yard, you’ll be in an open area littered with truck bodies and trailers. Head to the left side of the trailer in the middle of the area, smash out a window with a brick, bullet, or bottle and hop inside to find the coin on a desk at the far end.

The Forward Base 


After disembarking the truck, but before you head through the checkpoint, this coin will be on the ground to the right, on the elevated part of the concrete. From the starting point, it’s obscured by a talking group of soldiers.

New Mexico

Once passing through the checkpoint, take a hard and sharp left around another group of chatting soldiers. You’ll find it on a crate.

South Carolina

Once a chat with Nora, you’ll enter the main building in search of Isaac. Manny will make small talk with a pair seated at a bench before heading around to the right, past the holding cells. The coin is at the far, darkened end of the table that Manny initially approaches.

Hostile Territory

North Dakota

Once splitting up with Manny, you’ll trek through a few small shops before emerging into a larger area. Climb atop a truck body and make your way through the window to proceed. Before going through the door, go forward in this small room to find the coin in the bottom drawer of the television cabinet.

The Coast


As you proceed past the yard of shipping containers and infected, you’ll climb a collapsed bridge to get to higher ground. If you go straight ahead once at the top, toward the dead end, you’ll find the coin next to a sharp-dressed corpse.

West Virginia

After collecting the crossbow and heading upstairs on the cruise ship that ran aground, take the next two rights and you’ll find a suitcase in the far nook with a teddy bear sat on top, next to the coin.


As you ultimately progress to leave this hell ship, you’ll climb a ladder and see the path forward signaled by a conveniently collapsed fin of the ship, granting passage over the fence. Before you leave, head the other way and find the coin behind the central fin.


As you near the aquarium, there’ll be a water fountain out front with a breaching whale statue. Someone thought this was a wishing well because you’ll find the last level’s coin on the floor of the fountain.

The Shortcut


As you first enter the area with the rushing water, there’ll be a barbershop called Franklin’s Barber Shop on the right-hand side that you can slip into. By the cash register is the coin.


Following a hectic fight with a bloater and its company, you’ll leap from one building to another over the rapids and arrive in an optics store. If you take a right as you climb in through the window, you can exit through another to land on the blue awning for the store. Turn left, proceed to the end of the awning to find the coin.

The Descent


After falling through the skylight into the hotel pool with Lev, simply cannonball back in to discover a coin hiding at the bottom of this murky pool.


After dropping down a few levels after fetching Lev his gas mask, instead of taking the beam to the left, walk forward and you’ll enter a room, be attacked by a wall-womb infected, and then leap across a short crevice. Glance right after the jump and you’ll spot a coin on a little sill.


After jumping down to the lower elevator and slipping through the ajar door, there’ll be a vending machine just to your left that’ll return a coin in its slot once you smash the glass on it.

Rhode Island

Once you take your mask off, you’ll arrive in an outdoor courtyard. In the middle will be a bar area, head for the left-hand side of it and you’ll find a coin tucked in under the counter next to an old monitor.


After leaving Lev behind to search for the supplies as a Wolf in plain sight, you’ll be granted passage through the gate. After you’re in, turn immediately to the right and enter through the two large broken windows and the coin will be at the end of the corridor on the ground.

Ground Zero


Go downstairs with Nora and head toward the surgical and trauma wards. Before following her down the corridor, double back and check behind the cafe counter to find a coin next to the register.


After fighting The Rat King in the lower levels of the hospital, you’ll lift a roller door and make your way under it into the A1 level of the parking lot. You should be facing the rear of a truck, turn left and smash out the glass of the ticket booth and snatch the coin from the table within.

The Marina


As soon as you take over control of Abby in the level, you’ll notice a little lookout to your right and you can hop over the guardrail to get to. The first coin of the stage is on the ground just here.


You’ll soon come to Lenora St Station. Rather than climb onto the platform and proceed through the train carriage, follow the right path down the side to find a coin on the ground.

The Island


Not long after landing on the island, along with Yara, you’ll climb a ladder to get onto an overpass. To your left is an open truck body that you can climb in to find some goodies. There’ll be a training manual plus the level’s first coin tucked in the rear corner.

North Carolina

After the island’s warning bugle blows, you’ll come to a drop. Before hopping down, head around the far side of the car wreck to the left. You’ll find a book in the grass with a coin sat on it.


When you’re trying to clear a path to the lumber mill, you’ll find another coin on the upper floor of the building opposite the mill. Reach the second floor by mantling over the stacks of wood. The coin is to the left near some hessian sacks.

The Escape 


Not long after you sneak through the basement area as Isaac’s troops search on the ground level, shining their lights in, you’ll slip through a doorway. Though instead of following Yara and Lev under the truck trailer, turn left and pick up the coin hidden behind the shopping trolley.

Congratulations, if you followed our guide through to the end you’ll have earned yourself a gold trophy called “Numismatist.”

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