The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered: Where To Find The Engraved Ring In And Unlock The So Great And Small Trophy

Sic Parvis Magna.

The below guide has been repurposed from our original guide content for The Last of Us Part II and contains images from the PS4 version of the game. Everything contained with in will still apply to The Last of Us Part II Remastered on PS5. Please note that there are spoilers below for anyone yet to play the game.

The Last of Us Part II was an enormous technical feat on the PS4 and continues to be in its new PS5 iteration. Downtown Seattle, in particular, is a tremendous spectacle of design as Naughty Dog encourages players to pore over every inch of the city made famous by Nirvana and a romantic-comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It’s also home to a neat easter egg referencing another of Naughty Dog’s massive franchises, Uncharted, with a hidden collectible to find and even a handy PlayStation Trophy to pop along the way.


To find this collectible you’ll need to head to the Ellie Day 1 – Downtown chapter. It’s here in downtown Seattle that Ellie and Dina, atop of their faithful steed Shimmer, set out to retrieve enough gas to fuel the generator-powered gate keeping them from the Serevena Hotel, a WLF den. While there are plenty of places of interest here, one you’ll immediately gauge is the Westlake Bank. Naughty Dog’s latent, guiding hand will lure you there eventually, though there isn’t anything keeping you from making it your first port of call.

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The Last Of Us Part II

Inside the collapsed bank, you’ll encounter a small swarm of infected. After fighting them off, you’ll be drawn toward the vault where you’ll find a note on the ground detailing a mislaid plan to rob the bank during Outbreak Day, a fool’s errand if there ever was one. Said note offers up the vault’s secrets, a combination of 60-23-06.

The Last Of Us Part II

It’s inside that Ellie discovers the pump shotgun on a corpse. Fortunately, that isn’t all this room has to offer. If you find your way to, using the door as a starting point, the back-right corner, you’ll spot an ajar wall deposit box next to a trolley of cash. Opening it revealed a familiar piece of jewellery.

The Last Of Us Part II

Inscribed with “Sic Parvis Magna,” it’s clear that this is the ring carried by Nathan Drake throughout Naughty Dog’s beloved Uncharted franchise. It counts as an in-game artifact and collectible plus it also unlocks a bronze trophy titled “So Great and Small.”

The Last Of Us Part II Engraved Ring

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