Look Out Steam, Origin Is Back In The Game

Have you ever had that moment when you have been caught up in the hype machine, been influenced by game reviews and after a wild night of deborturous gaming you wake up with a game in your digital games library that you just didn”t want? Well if that”s the situation you have found yourself in then Origin, EA”s digital distribution service has you covered. Announcing today its “Great Game Guarantee Policy”, Origin has opened the doors for a digital return system within its service for 1st party games published by the games giant which will see games purchased be eligible to be returned within 7 days from the date of purchase or 24 hours after installed. With cry”s of horror over the recent Xbox One digital distribution and online requirements policy its impressive to see Origin put forward some strategies to engage the market that is so particular about its content ownership.

? Full game digital downloads (PC/Mac) published by “Electronic Arts” (collectively Electronic Arts Inc. if you reside in the United States, Canada or Japan and EA Swiss Sarl if you reside in any other country) and purchased on the Origin Store (Origin.com and purchases within the Origin gaming application) may be eligible for a refund if we receive your request within the earlier of: (i) seven (7) days from the date of purchase, (ii) seven (7) days from the game’s release date if you pre-ordered/pre-purchased or (iii) twenty-four (24) hours after the first time the game is launched or run. For full game digital downloads that are part of a bundle, the twenty-four (24) hour time period begins as soon as one game within the bundle is launched.  Once a refund is issued, you will no longer have access to the game. To request a refund, visit your  and select the “Request a Refund” link next to any eligible product. Complete and submit the Refund Request Form. You will get a response within forty-eight (48) hours after your request is submitted and your refund within seven (7) to ten (10) days if you meet the Great Game Guarantee refund requirements.

? If you request a refund for a product that is part of a bundle or a product that comes with bonus content, your refund under this policy may include the entire bundle of products/content, and your access to all included products/content will be revoked.  Please note that dual platform products (such as one product that, when purchased, is playable on both PC and Mac platforms) will be treated as bundled content.  Before you submit your refund request for bundled products/content, you will be able to see an itemized list of content that must be canceled/refunded together. You may then complete the refund request and cancel all the associated content or you may withdraw your request.

? In rare instances, refunds may not be supported for products purchased during special Origin promotions. The promotional details will explicitly state if refunds are unsupported.

? Refunds may not be supported where Electronic Arts detects fraud or abuse of the refund process.

? Electronic Arts reserves the right to revise the Great Game Guarantee Policy at any time in its sole discretion. Any revisions to the Policy will be effective immediately for all subsequent purchases.