Blizzard Rejoins The Exploding MOBA Scene

Remember back in the Warcraft 3 days and when the revolutionary Defence of the Ancients mod became available and everyone found their new addiction? Well, today Blizzard announced their new title “Heroes of the Storm” with an adorable 1 minute animation feeding us information in regards to the new game.

The game was originally intended to be called Blizzard All-Stars which now sounds somewhat unsavory compared to the new name of the game and is addressed by the title of the video uploaded.

There was a lot of speculation in and around the community when Blizzard had the domain registered that this may be the new wow expansion but all confusion was cleared up earlier today.

With Blizzcon now only around the corner I think it’s quite impeccable timing for them and it’s safe to say that we’ll be hearing a lot more about this game in coming weeks.