Four New Persona Games Announced

Man, it was a big weekend for me. Speeding through Xbox One games as quick as I can, Christmas parties, and I’m getting ready to shift to a different house. While I was doing that, I forgot all about that little teaser site the Persona Team put up a few months ago.

Turns out this teaser site was for a Persona dedicated live stream. As a result, we have four brand new Persona Games on the way. Granted, none have been confirmed for western release. I think it’s safe to say most of these will make it’s way west. If not, I’m learning Japanese.

First of all we have two new Persona 4 centric titles, one of them is not what you expect. It’s a rhythm game. Have a look at Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

It may not be what some Persona fans are looking for, I don’t mind it myself. I play Project Diva f on my Vita quite often, so I’m down for another rhythm game.

Next up is the newest instalment in the arena series. Here is a trailer for Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimax Ultra Superhold. (Badass right?)

This is most likely going to be a more feature filled version of the Arena update that hit Japan Arcades recently for PS3. Hopefully this one doesn’t take over a year to get ported to Australia.

With the two Persona 4 titles out of the way, let’s move onto the new stuff. First of which is Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. A typical Persona RPG, which will be making it’s way to the 3DS a first for the franchise. More crossovers between Persona 3 and 4 is nice too. Another trailer!

Last, but certainly not least. It’s been a long wait for Persona fans, but the next instalment in the series has finally been officially announced. Persona 5 is coming to Japan in Winter 2014 exclusively for the PS3. It seems the Persona team loves to make their fans wait. If you don’t remember, Persona 4 was widely regarded as the last hurrah for the PS2. No doubt they seek to send off the PS3 in style, and I already can’t wait. Here’s a trailer for you.

Let’s hope all these titles make their way west sooner rather then later, for those who haven’t played a Persona title and want to get in on the hype. I highly recommend Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita, it’s one of my personal top 10 games of all time. If you love RPG’s, Persona is for you.

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